Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Logos That Might Have Been

Judging from the unscientific poll to the right, the overwhelming majority of you either like or love the Caps' new uniforms (due in large part, it would stand to reason, to the new logo). Regardless, all of us no doubt wonder what the losing candidates might have looked like.

Well, a little poking around at the Patent & Trademark Office website (killing time before my softball game - cut me some slack) reveals a couple of logo designs that were, at one time, registered to Lincoln Hockey (but likely not in the running this time around). For example, this mark was first registered back in 2000 and abandoned back in the summer of 2005:

Not horrible.

Then there's this one, also registered back in 2000 and abandoned at the end of 2004:

So while you may not love the new logo, maybe you should just be thankful that some of the previous ideas never made it onto a Caps sweater.


notfadeaway said...

That second logo is one that made it on a mock-up that was floating around the net a year or two ago. I can't find the design anymore. It was a pretty classic '90s style jersey.

Anonymous said...

The second design is the one by Hilfiger that was leaked at the time.

Anonymous said...

Love the new logo! The last logo there is just... eww... anyway, I was just gonna tell you, when you write new blog posts, go over to and post a link to your story, and hopefully get a few extra readers for your blog.

Rage said...

Also, JP, if you can, go to


Kevin said...

Man, am I glad Buffalo didn't see that last logo when they were redesigning theirs last year.

That would have been some "bad logo" battle.

HD89 said...

First one - Great
Second one - Gives the Buffaslug a run for it's money.

Anonymous said...

I continue to think that the new jerseys were an opportunity lost...instead of trying to develop a new logo, Caps' management simply reverted to an update of the old, which apparently was "comforting" to whatever focus group saw it. I neither love nor hate it, but I don't think it will stand the test of time. What I would love to see is some of the other logos that were rejected that didn't say "Capitals" on them...the best logos invoke a connection to the team without the need to have it written down, e.g., the logos of the Sharks, Blues, Canucks, etc.