Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Open Thread

I'm in and out all day, so feel free to revel in Radiohead's greatness and to discuss whatever it is you want to discuss in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Well, THAT got the office's attention!

Tyler said...

Will you be blogging starting at 12:01 am on 7/1? ;-)

JP said...

It by "blogging" you mean "drinking heavily nowhere near a computer," then yes.

Actually, free agency doesn't open up until noon on Sunday (if I'm not mistaken), so we're all good - I might be awake by then.

CapsChick said...

Anyone see that the Devils didn't extend a QO to Johnny Oduya?

I bet they still sign him, but I thought it was odd. We have enough youth on the blue line so I doubt the Caps would go after him, I just figured I'd make some hockey-related comment.

On to more important matters. The peanut is neither a pea nor a nut - discuss.

AntonC12 said...

love Radiohead

JP said...

Then this is officially the AntonC12 Open Thread. Dig it.

Tapeleg said...

I need to be done with my packing and moving by 10am Sunday (mountain time) for free agency. That will not be easy, and I mean the waking up part.

Radiohead bits:

Look for The Darkness cover of Street Spirit. It kicks some serious.

There is a French album of the Amnesiac tour with the best version of National Anthem I have ever heard.

Best Bends song ever? Planet Telex. There is a great remix on a bends era single.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) With the salary cap looking like it'll be set to 50.3 mil, that makes the floor 34 million. The caps will almost be forced to add salary.
2) Wonder how much of a 'loss' Ted is willing to take this year? Afterall, when the salary cap was set to 39 mil. 2 seasons ago, he said they wouldn't approach that number because among other reasons they would lose $$ even with a low payroll
3) Now they will probably have to spend that exact amount while ticket prices(where team's get most of their income) have remained static.
4) Sounds like Ted's gonna take a financial beating this season. Unless ofcourse he was overstating his losses just a tad. Nah, NHL owners are an honorable lot! LOL

JP said...

Faux -

Ted loses money regardless, and is fine with doing so. The reason they haven't spent more in the past was that it wasn't part of "the plan."

Now, acquiring via free agency makes more sense and they'll almost-happily absorb more losses and salaries, as long as they still fit in "the plan."

Superfan #99 said...

1.Congratulations to Scott Stevens! Hall of Fame, baby.

2.Love Radiohead, good pick JP.

3.Am I crazy, or didn't Pierre Tuergeon retire? ESPN still has him listed as an UFA. And that's why I don't visit them very much, anymore.

4.Briere camp apparently told Sabres he's free agency bound. We'll see where the old cheap shot artist lands, eh?

5.Check out the SI cover this week. Hanson Brothers!