Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ovechkin The Recruiter (Or The Recruit)

Yesterday I noted that the Habs have resigned blueliner Andrei Markov. Today we find out that a member of the Caps organization had made a pitch on the team's behalf (or on his own) to the Russian rearguard:
Markov said his good friend Alex Ovechkin wanted him to consider moving to Washington.

"Alex is a funny guy," said Markov, who smiled at a suggestion he should invite Ovechkin to join the Canadiens.

"It's too early," Markov said.
And by "too early" he means "never going to happen."


Anonymous said...

Throwing out that last line as troll bait, JP?


1) Not a direct to the point of the original post, but with some teams being close to the cap ceiling despite the yearly increase one has to wonder if we'll see a return to the dreaded 'offer sheet'?
2) Guys like AO/Crosby are NOT going anywhere. They'll get the max allowable anyway so an offer sheet would be pointless.
3) However, with the next tier of players, the Semins, etc. If a team is so inclined to make an offer can/would the Caps be able to match?
4) There have been few offer sheets in recent years. Many have speculated why. GM's perhaps don't want to create enemies who may/can do the same to them down the road. Also the prospect of losing 4 1st rounders is a tough price to pay for all but very few players

JP said...

Bobby Clarke re-opened the door last year with Kesler. There are rumors that the Flyers will do similarly (albeit for more money) with Vanek this year in an attempt to either get Vanek or force the Sabres to let Briere go so they can snag him.

We'll see if the "gentleman's agreement" not to play that game is a thing of the past or not.

Incidentally, this goes right along with the discussion we were having here.