Friday, April 06, 2007

No [Dat]syuk For You!

The Wings have locked him up, reportedly for the next five years.

Question - if the deal is upwards of $5 million per year, as it's expected to be, is that too much for a guy who has yet to show any postseason leadership or ability? Isn't this similar to the Stars locking up Marty Turco to a long-term deal before seeing any playoff success out of him?

UPDATE: OK, it turns out the deal is for seven years at between six and seven million dollars per year. That's one hell of a commitment on the Wings' part.


Rage said...

That's unfortunate. I liked Datsyuk despite his flaws.

JP said...

If nothing else it would have been entertaining, Datsyuk and Semin dangling around opponents like the Harlem Globetrotters only to set up AO to slam 'er home.

But I still think the team needs more of a character guy with skills, so I'm not entirely disappointed (other than that it reduces supply in the marketplace, which will obviously drive up price so long as demand remains constant).

Rage said...

Agreed. Also, I still maintain that Ovy doesn't need a playmaker so much as a reliable guy who can consistently feed him the puck and finish chances.

Zuby was reliable, sure, but he wasn't able to consistently win faceoffs, give Ovy the puck, and we all know about his ability to finish chances.

Rage said...

Also, nice supply-demand economics, JP. Hold for a second though, Milton Friedman on line 1.

JP said...

I try to dumb down my economic analysis for the "Freakonomics" generation.

Economics with no numbers... the dismal science has been ruined.