Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Respect Rankings (1/10): The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step

Home wins against the flu-riddled Habs and banged-up Thrashers have helped the Caps' Respect Ranking bounce back a little after a rough week. Kudos go out to the brain trust at ESPN for bucking conventional wisdom and bumping the Caps down six spots despite two wins against ESPN's own third- and ninth-rated teams.

As always, if you know of other power rankings, let me know about 'em.

CBS (1/9)2527+2
CP (1/9)2327+4 (1/7)2224+2 (1/8)1913-6
FOX (1/8)2122+1
Massey Rating (1/9)2526+1
Sagarin Rating (1/9)2326+3 (1/8)2222NC (1/8)2225+3
NHL Standings (Points/Games Played)2023+3


Brian said...

How soon till we disregard ESPN as a respectable and quotable news source? They're pathetic.

Tyler said...

The Caps are tied for having the 15th-most points in the league.

JP said...

I basically include ESPN for the humor factor.

And as long as they end the regular season in the top 8 in points in the Eastern Conference, I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

You should/need to add standard deviation. It's a really easy stat to calculate since you're only dealing with about 10 numbers. I think it would be a very useful and interesting stat! Think about it! Then use it! :)