Thursday, December 14, 2006

Quote Of The Day

"I treat players like men and they should act like men."

- Wayne Gretzky on Jeremy Roenick's most recent temper tantrum.


JP said...

Now the rumor is that J.R. will announce his retirement as early as today.

Fitting that he'll go out on a craptacularly classeless note.

Anonymous said...

1) The way he's played recently most won't notice he's gone, other than the media ofcourse

JP said...

My fear is that he'll resurface almost immediately in the Versus or NBC studios.

At least now I can ignore him easily.

Anonymous said...

OH Geez, didn't think of that angle!
You are 100% correct. Roenick will be on there the day after he retires!
We hate that he's sometimes portrayed as the face of American hockey!