Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fast Legs, Slow Fists

"Just hit it, pillowhands. Don't worry, it's not gonna hit you back."

"Hey, maybe next time we can send you a telegram: get ready for the right hook."

Maybe I was too quick to judge AO's fighting skills - here's a clip of him back in his Dynamo days scrapping with Oleg Tverdovsky:


fauxrumors said...

Didn't see the scrap, but Richards is an underrated fighter in his own right. probbaly not the best choice for AO to have stood toe to toe with. Was interesting to read about though.
I'm sure Hanlon was cringing as it occurred. Ovechkin gets hurt, Caps lose 60 games this season.

Dave C. said...

We agree - not the sort of excellance Caps' fans have grown accustomed to

Chris said...

Don't read too much into the second find. Tverdovsky is soft. :-)