Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chocolate, Beer and Hockey

I drive all the way up to Hershey and they can't even score a goal for me? Weak. You can read a good recap of the game here, and I don't have too much to say about the game, in part because I am tired and in part because my memory of the latter stages of the game is a little hazy. Nevertheless, a few things stood out:
  1. I miss the Caps. A lot. I kept hoping that #8 would hop over the boards for a shift of controlled mayhem. It never happened.
  2. Freddie Cassivi (pictured here - note the Caps' eagle on the back his mask) was great in goal for the home team, but there's a reason the thirty-year-old has played 400+ AHL games and only nine in the NHL - don't get too excited, Caps fans.
  3. The crowd (a Hershey record 10,840) and atmosphere were great. It was also great to see so many Caps jerseys checking in on our investments.
  4. The officiating was brutal. Complain all you want about NHL refs, but if Steve Kozari is representative of AHL referees, it's no wonder clowns like Don Koharski still have jobs in the big leagues.
  5. Outshot 30-12 for the first two periods? 10 times shorthanded? 0-fer on the powerplay? These guys are learning the game the Caps way!
  6. The Sooperdooperlooper is pretty lame. Great Bear and Storm Runner, however, are sweet.
Anyway, that's pretty much all I've got to say about the game. Game 4 tonight is a must-win for Hershey. Hopefully they can get the offense going, because if not, this series will be over real soon.

Below are a few more pictures I took. Click on any for a larger view.


sonia said...

did they make up for it last night? :D

DCSportsChick said...

Dude, you went to the wrong game! They scored 7 goals for ME. :-)

JP said...

Yeah, it figures they'd rock the house without me there. I guess I just brought too much Caps mojo with me. :)