Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Excellence In Journalism

If you're like me and your appetite for reading accounts of people's awe of Alexander Ovechkin is absolutely insatiable, check out this article currently running on NHL.com as their front page story. Here's a teaser:
The 20-year-old left wing from Moscow is also no ordinary rookie. When was the last time a player made a case for the Calder Trophy and the Hart Trophy in the same season? If his second half is anything like his first, Ovechkin will receive his share of votes for both.
Can I nominate Chuck Gormley for a Pulitzer? Of course, Mr. Gormley's assertion is hardly original.


Dave C. said...

just commenting so Daly is the only one who comments.

As you were.

AO seems cool. for a Russian.

Dave C. said...

isN'T the only one...

CD said...

While at NHL.com, i saw this link:

Members of the Buffalo Sabres recall their former goaltender, who helped put the team on the NHL map, on the 10th anniversary of his death.

Upon first reading, i thought it meant they recalled him to play for the team, not in their hearts/prayers/whatever.

i feel like such a Ceder.