Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grading The Caps So Far: B+

Scott Burnside is handing out grades as we near the season's quarter pole, and he's giving the Caps a B+:

"Interesting start for the defending Southeast Division-champion Caps, who are dynamite at home (undefeated in regulation through Wednesday), but only ordinary on the road. Defending Hart and Art Ross Trophy winner Alexander Ovechkin is starting to catch fire and Alexander Semin is challenging for the NHL scoring lead (when not running down Sidney Crosby in the press). Goaltending, as predicted, has been up and down, but coach Bruce Boudreau hasn't been shy about trusting backup Brent Johnson over high-priced free-agent acquisition Jose Theodore."

Buy or sell Burnside's grade?


Anonymous said...

I think he is just about right... Maybe the Caps deserve an "A" for being the 5th best team in the league, but if we can stay healthy, the Caps will be a hard team to beat.

Anonymous said...

On my grade scale, a B+ is fine but I'm not buying Burnside's when he gives the Penguins and the Canadiens an A- and calls the Penguins the most exciting team in hockey. Doesn't he know we've copywrited that phrase?

Brian said...

Man, when it rains it pours. I ask for an ESPN post, and Burnside tosses up a softball ...

"(when not running down Sidney Crosby in the press)" - apparently, Burnside doesn't read the material of others. Didn't Puck Daddy mention this just yesterday? Oh yeah, about another ESPN hack:

"Damien Cox believes that Alex Semin's quote about Sidney Crosby is one of the best of the season thus far. "Goodness, you do have to wonder what in the world Semin was thinking when he let this one fly." Here's a thought: Maybe the 35-or-so words about Patrick Kane that get turned into "..." whenever the quote is regurgitated would lend some context. [ESPN]"

And if my math is correct, perfect at home over the season is 82 points and mediocre on the road is 41 points, which is a 123 point season. What do you have to do to get an A?

Shawn Luddington said...

I agree with the rating of B+. I believe his ratings for the Penguins is higher because with no one really expected the Pens to be where they are without Gonchar and Whitney.

With that said, Scott...the Pens do not lead the conference standings. They are in fourth behind the Rangers, Bruins and Caps (who currently hold the tiebreaker).

They are also not the most exciting team in the NHL. I would give that to Detroit and then Washington.

Anonymous said...

Due to the goal tending, B+ seems fair. Although Pitt is overvalued at A-, especially since the records of the two teams are identical.

Unknown said...

Fair grade. It's an A if you thought this team would be fighting for a playoff spot, a B+ if you thought they'd be fighting for tops in the East. I thought the latter.

Anonymous said...

And if my math is correct, perfect at home over the season is 82 points and mediocre on the road is 41 points, which is a 123 point season. What do you have to do to get an A?

@Brian: Be a Penguin, apparently.

I don't feel qualified to give an opinion. Seems fair to me, but what do I know.

Billy D said...


I agree.

"There is, quite simply, no more exciting team in the NHL right now" title belongs to our boys in red (well white for the next few games)

Hazardous said...

I'd rate them a high B+ low A-. They have plenty of room to improve... most of it on the blue line.

But yeah, if that same guy is giving crappier teams higher ratings, then screw him and his system.

I can't believe people are still talking about Semin's comments about Crosby... Are people REALLY this easily [persuaded? He's pretty damn mediocre, people. Give it up.