Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Roundup/Devils 6, Caps 5 (SO)

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On Saturday night, the Caps fought back to tie the Devils at one, three, four and five goals apiece, but ultimately couldn't take the lead when it mattered most as they fell to Jersey in the shootout.

Still, with three out of four points secured this weekend and a 7-1-2 record in their last ten games, the Caps have much to feel good about heading out on a West Coast swing later this week. Some particulars on last night's game:
  • Um, yeah. Nicklas Backstrom's and Alex Ovechkin's slumps are very much officially over. Nick now has 12 points in his last five games and AO now has 13 points in his last six (goals in each of his last four). Backstrom is now plus-eleven on the campaign and Ovi is tied with Alex Semin for the League lead at plus-20.
  • More on Ovechkin: he fired a monstrous 12 shots on goal (one of which dented opposing netminder Scott Clemmensen's mask) and had another eight that he either attempted or had blocked or went wide of the net. Not surprisingly, for the second straight game he had the team's best Corsi Rating, with linemates Backstrom and Viktor Kozlov right there with him.
  • Also not surprisingly, Chris Clark had the worst CR on the team for the third time in the last four games and was a minus-two on the night. I know you can't tell too much from a single game's CR, but The Captain hasn't had a positive rating in seven games. He flat out stinks right now.
  • Tomas Fleischmann showed some nifty moves, but only at one end of the ice - he was another minus-two player, along with Michael Nylander.
  • Boyd Gordon in the shootout? Seriously?
  • No goalie with a .833 save percentage can be said to have had a terribly good night, but Jose Theodore did make some outstanding saves and probably deserved better than what he got from the defense in front of him (and the forwards didn't uphold their end of the bargain in their own zone either).
  • The power play is heading back towards respectability on the season and has scored in each of the last three games and is five-for-14 (35.7%) in its last five games. The PK also seems to be settling in, as it has been between 80% and 82.1% effective on the season for the last eight games. A graphical look at those trends (both of which, mind you, have been on an uptick without key special teams contributor Sergei Fedorov in the lineup):

  • The Caps allowed another first-shot-against goal (the fifth such tally) and an early second-period strike as well. C'mon, boys... focus!
So a stretch of seven games in a dozen days concludes with the Caps picking up five wins and twelve points on the heels of that blowout loss to Buffalo. Now the team gets a couple of days off to rest, recover, re-focus and reload for a tough trip westward. Four games, eight points - I'd think coming home with five points would have to be considered a success, no?

Elsewhere 'Round the Rinks:

Rumor has it the 'Hawks turned down a Nylander trade offer from the Caps (and their interest in him may have cooled off... I wonder why).... This isn't hockey-related (other than that it appears on a hockey blog, but is undeniably bad ass.


Paul said...

They had no business coming away with a point from that game. Some of the worst defensive zone coverage I've ever seen. Backstrom, Poti, and Kozlov all failed to cover men wide open in the slot, leading to easy goals. But it's nice to have perhaps the most talented team in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

That pass by Backstrom on the tying goal was a thing of beauty. It takes a special player to have the poise to not just hammer the puck at net with two seconds to go but, instead, survey the scene, see an open Ovechkin and calmly thread a pass through ten legs for a layup goal. Only a handful of players can do that. And while I think Bruce is a great coach, his selection of Caps for the shootout was autrocious. You've got Backstrom, Flash and Nylander sitting on the bench and you choose Boyd "Hands of Stone' Gordon? Are you kidding me? Why not just give them the win at the end of 4v4 and be done with it?

Anonymous said...

"Saved by zero"

/torches a Pulte home

(I can't believe they played these back to back last night. It's like adding insult to injury)

Anonymous said...

Im going to have to disagree that Clark is still bad. I actually he is coming around. I saw him aggressively hit people for the first time in a while.

Two of his hits knocked the opposing player down (who had the puck) and not only forced a turnover but led directly to a good scoring chance for the Caps. Its not his fault his linemates couldnt finish any better than him. At least he was shooting.

Numbers dont lie but most of the team was giving up shots (and unfortunately, goals) last night. Thats not an excuse though, he certainly couldve been better.

wittcap79 said...

Is anyone else not impressed with the supposed offer for Nylander? Bydkdieglslken? Thats it? Although, if true, it says alot that Chicago turned it down anyway, but we all know Nyls has been very unimpressive so far.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new fan of Caps(less than a yr.)I know a little bit about the game and who are good players and when I heard(listening online) that Gordon will take the last shootout,I said: "WHAT!"."That's it, we're done..

Hazardous said...

I agree Gordon isn't really the best choice, but I think we're being a tad too hard on the guy. He could've surprised us.

Also, I'm kind of surprised that Nylander may have been in the talks for trade. So his numbers aren't awesome, so what? He's a playmaker and if you give him time to bust out of his post-injury-that-caused-him-to-lose-half-a-season funk, you'll be glad you kept the guy. He's easily one of the better playmakers in the NHL.

Hazardous said...

Oh, and with that said: Talk about close calls. Good thing our top line was really tops. 1.0 seconds left? That's some pretty awesome stuff. Too bad our defense was utterly craptastic. Schultz's indecision lead to the first goal directly. Thanks, bum!

Chris said...

Theodore definitely played a lot better than his numbers. Teh Caps defense was pathetic. New Jersey could easily have had a 10-goal night.