Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday Roundup

A quick link dump this morning:

You can now follow The Rink on Twitter, if you're the Twitterin' type.... GMGM was on The Fan 590 yesterday.... The Caps start the season at #5 on The Hockey News' Power Rankings.... I linked to it in the sidebar the other day, but in case you missed it, TuvanHillbilly has the Alex Ovechkin prison-themed music video cameo posted.... Ted Leonsis is one of SBJ's 20 Most Influential In Digital Sports. I am not.... Keith Aucoin is the AHL's Player of the Week, and things are going great in Hershey (plenty of good nuggets here and a look at their new third jersey here), which makes Quintin Laing happy and Mathieu Perreault productive.... This is a pretty cool promotion from down in Miami.... Speaking of Florida, Jamie Heward's digging Tampa (beats Russia, eh comrade?).


Anonymous said...

Thanks, JP. off-topic, but was I the only person who was underwhelmed by the Pens/Flyers game last night?

HotDog88GT said...

Funny you should say that. With the game tied 2-2 and only a few minutes left I flipped over to "Iditarod" on Discovery.

And I'm not sure, but I thought I heard a quiet moan from the Pittsburgh crowd when Malkin had the puck for an extended period of time. For some reason I was anticipating some boos.


1) So Kozlov is going to be out a "couple of weeks" ? Makes one wonder when the surgery is scheduled if it hasn't been performed already. ; )

Anonymous said...

Fedorov is back practicing as a C today, according to Tarik. Which would mean the return of John Erskine for the Pens game, if it stays that way. Ugh. At least in one game, Feds at D served a dual purpose: it made Jurcina look like a viable blueliner, and it got Erskine out of harm's way. Am I the only guy who wants to keep it that way?

JP said...

@ ajd: I think tomorrow night's lineup will be dictated by who's healthy. With Brash and Kozlov not practicing, it makes sense for Feds to lineup at C - it gives them four lines of Fs and 6 Ds (otherwise, you have 7Ds, and most drills work better with an even number of Ds).

Bottom line is that if Brash can go, I'd expect Feds to be a blueliner, with Erskine again scratched. If Brash can't go, it's more likely that Feds will line up at C, though it's no sure bet.