Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Roundup/Caps 4, Pens 3

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Never a doubt, right?

Yesterday we pointed out a handful of early-season observations, a few of which came a little closer to becoming trends last night: the offense is still clicking (especially at five-on-five, where all four Caps goals were scored); the penalty kill is still sucking (allowing all three of Pittsburgh's goals in six chances); Alex Semin is still scoring; and the goalies are still crappy early (Jose Theodore now has a 7.00 first period GAA).

At some point soon, this team is going to need to address it's slow starts, unquestionably a matter of focus. Luckily, they have players and coaches who should be able to fix that problem. A few notes on the game:
  • If Tom Poti is out for any significant period of time with his groin pull, it's a huge loss (though the guys at CSN might not notice it for a while - zing!).
  • It bears repeating - the Caps positively dominated that game at even strength, out-shooting the Pens 27-16 and out-scoring them four to zippy. In other words, cut out the penalties (or get better on the kill) and we're on to something.
  • Tomas Fleischmann? Awesome. [Someone get a screen grab of that - I don't often bring the Flash love, but it was well-deserved on this night, and had he converted on that diving stab at a cross-crease pass, he'd have been a household name by noon today.]
  • Sergei Fedorov continues to do it all (including putting up astronomical Corsi's), as he notched another plus-2, mostly from the blueline.
  • Evgeni Malkin provided the perfect example of how reputation-based and inconsistent the League's officiating is. Awful.
  • Boyd Gordon knew it was in. Mellon Arena knew it was in. Why didn't the guys wearing the stripes?
  • I've been a frequent critic of Donald Brashear's, but his absence was notable, to say the least. Matt Bradley as enforcer = epic fail ("A" for effort, though, and it apparently sparked the team).
  • Shaone Morrisonn had a horrendous first half of the game - two minors, the third goal off his leg - but got better.
  • Y'know that silly in-game "entertainment" at the Verizon Center where two folks out of the stands compete to see who can do a better job calling the play-by-play 20 seconds or so of live action? I'm not sure Al Koken would have a .500 record if he participated on a nightly basis.
  • It's a toss-up as to who's having a harder time getting going this year between Nicklas Backstrom and Chris Clark (and at least Clark has an excuse).
  • Alex Ovechkin was trying to do too much. Similarly, the power play is way too cute right now. Plant someone in front and bomb away.
  • Mike Green's hip check on Malkin was tasty.
  • Finally, if Sidney Crosby needed a one-stop shop on his way home from the rink...
So there's plenty yet to work on, but plenty with which to work. Nice to have a Jack Adams winner at the helm, eh?

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NS said...

oh how sweet it is.

Anonymous said...

That may have been the worst production I've ever seen, and certainly the worst announcing I've heard since the last time I was forced to listen to the Buffalo geriatric clowns.

No one noticed Geno grabbing Mo's stick in the first, or Poti's obvious absence as you noted, JP. I especially loved Koken's brilliant deduction that Feds was moved to D because the Caps wanted more O. Quality analysis, to be sure.

Those minor quibbles aside, as big an early season win as there is.

Unknown said...

@ Maruk

NO ONE is worse than Rick Jeanneret...except maybe the Wings announcers on FSN (BLEHHHHH)

My thoughts

-Erskine blows, although he made a couple good plays in the 3rd, he still stinks

-Makes me laugh to no end reading the Pens fans reactions of how they were "jobbed" by the officials last night and their reactions to Ovi's "dirty" plays against Malkin

-Malkin's running Semin into the boards from behind had me SCREAMING in outrage when he only got 2

-Flash has been playing well all year...ive been really impressed with him

-Does the injury to Tippy Tom Poti mean its Karl Alzner time?

-I feel like i'm living in this weird parallel universe now where the Pittsburgh Penguins blow gigantic leads to the Washington Capitals...I'm still stunned it actually happened

ecoulson1 said...

1) Alzner's gotta get the call.
2) Flash was great last night. Skating hard and making smart decisions I thought. VERY impressive. I'm slowly coming around. Keep it up Flash!

ecoulson1 said...

Oh yeah, and that game was AWESOME!! So much fun to watch. Just had to mute it. Agreed that Smokin' Al is just bad. I'm spoiled on Joe B.

Unknown said...

About Alzner...

What becomes the D rotation if he gets called up? Do they just pair him with Sarge?

I like the looks of a back six that looks like:


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Nick is still having ankle problems? He just seems tentative and it is hard to believe that he would not have confidence after last year.

I think Clark will be okay once he gets to skate with one line consistently.

At least we did not give up a goal on the first shot last night.

Glad to see Matt came back. Almost scored too. Semin scoring after getting the "Geno special" was awesome.

Malkin does not know why Ovie keeps hitting him??? Yeah right.

Unknown said...

Since no one mentioned him and I'm his largest fanboy, Juice had another great game. Even before Feds went back on the blue, he was boxing in guys and clearing the puck well.

I know it's part of the spin, but I cannot get over the Pens crying about how they handed the game over. You were outworked and outclassed - if the Caps had been playing all game like they did in the third, you woulda been shut out. Now sit down and suck on your pacifiers.

Anyone getting the feeling that Bruce is coaching the guys to come out slow and then crank it up?

Anonymous said...

Good to see Flash doing well this year and earnin that extension so far. I agree JP, Ovie did look like we was trying to do too much which always seems to be the case against the Pens.
I thought Schultz had a good defensive game, especially in the second half of the third.
Great win, keep it up CAPS!!!

Paul Nichols said...

I'll echo what Mark said about the production - for some reason it seemed like the camera man was missing half the action. And God love Koken, he's been around forever, but he's just not a play-by-play guy.

That Friggin Malkin (I call him the missing link)- someone should ran him and took a 5-minute for his hit on Semin. A bullshit job of officiating for sure, but a brilliant comeback by the Good Guys!

Woo hoo! Now my kids can go to school and rag on all the Pens fans (we live over the line in PA)

Unknown said...

I'm with Kim on Backstrom looking tentative. And watching Chris Clark play last night I thought about Brian Sutherby.

Theodore gets in trouble when he gets upright, or when he gets caught in the transition from being low to standing up (or vice-versa). In the last two periods he stayed low-to-the-ice and was fine.

I've not seen the whole league on Center Ice yet, but Alex Semin is having a Hart-like start.

The reason the Caps are cup contenders: Three forward lines that can score. (And one D pairing.)

Anonymous said...

He can deny it all he wants, but Ovechkin clearly doesn't like Malkin. I have no idea why, but it was obvious Ovechkin was waiting for Malkin and hitting him at every opportunity. Unfortunately, he was almost taking himself out of the play in his attempts to do so. But I don't sense any real animosity between Ovechkin and Crosby. Interesting.

And if Poti's out, I'm not sure they don't leave Fedorov in back and bring up Bourque.

JP said...

I don't know if you guys saw it or not, but Wyshynski asked me to write 100 words or so about "what Sid vs. Alex means to me" for his Puck Daddy preview, and I pretty much said that Ovechkin vs. Malkin is much more interesting to me. Last night was a good example of why - it's a genuine rivalry, not some media-created schlock that assumes that the top two players in the game must hate and focus on each other.

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure Sid and Alex use each other as measuring sticks all the time. But I give me Ovi vs. Geno for an in-game rivalry.

(Of course, perhaps the words Alex and Sid had at the end of the game might spice things up a bit.)

Unknown said...

@ Keith: Yes, yes, that's it. Gabby saw that by taking a crappy team after 20 games he could orchestrate an Adams-winning season. He obviously can't do that twice in a row -- those 20 games would be on his shoulders, and heck, he might get fired. So of course! That's what Gabby's doing here: He's orchestrating lousy first periods for, oh, I don't know, 20 or so games so that the team makes three-goal comebacks and Gabby wins the Adams that way. You (and Gabby, obviously) are brilliant man, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

There were a lot of questionable or outright BS calls, I thought. The first slashing on - was it ShaMo? - was pretty weak.

ryan, you were not the only one screaming in outrage at the screen when Malkin only got two minutes for that hit on Semin. Thank the deity of your choice that he wasn't seriously hurt.

I missed Brash out there, too. Bradley's a trooper for coming back. The Pens got away with murder out there without him.

Agree that Ovi probably hates the Penguins.

I like Alzner, but isn't he still a rookie? I'd think it's better to replace Poti with Federov (another vet) and bring up a forward. With Brash out, I'd almost be tempted to bring up Beagle, but would Bourque be able to take Kozlov's slot, in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

And life would be good if I could spell Fedorov correctly. Sorry, man.

Melvisdog said...

Agree with TG. Don't get me wrong, I love Ovechkin to death, but his priorities last night seemed to be in this order:
1. destroy Malkin
2. Score goals
3. destroy Malkin
Backstrom's stride seems shorter and jerky which keeps him a step behind the play. When he catches up, he's effective at getting off shots and keeping the puck. I was happy with most of the forwards play last night. Schultz and Erskine had terrible first periods.

NS said...

random thoughts:

with Backstrom a non-threat, Kozlov not around to create and possess the puck in the offensive zone, Ovi has been forced to try to do everything on his own. he simply cannot do that anymore with all the attention he gets from the opposing D.

Nylander has been spectacular. i didnt realize how hampered he was played last year with the bum shoulder until i've seen he can REALLY do this year.

Flash...i'm afraid to say he has arrived, because he seems to disappear just as quickly. that dive attempt towards the end of 3rd was sick.

Bradley is worth every penny of his contract so far.

i wonder if Malkin and Ovi will ever drop the mitts. i think it could happen...

Chris said...

Sir, for what it is worth, you are now my official Caps blog. I have been very impressed with your observations over the last few weeks. Cheers!

Unknown said...


Perhaps I should have used a little "winky" at the end of my comment so you would have known it was a joke.


Joe said...

@tg: I don't know if you saw the very end of the game but there may be some animosity growing between Crosby and OV. At the final horn Crosby gave OV a going away slash and the two had a nice discussion at center ice. I was hoping Alex would pop him but the whole Pens team was standing behind Crosby. Its easy to be big when its 20-1.

JP said...

@ Chris: It's worth a lot, thanks.

Joe said...

Was it me or was that ice really bad?

Anonymous said...

Comments from one who was there:
- The ice was garbage - yes, Ovie and Nicky and Semin try to be a little to cute early on, but he puck was skipping from late in the first period on.
- I dont know much about fighting, but why Brads let Bissonette back up is beyond me. He had him down and should have tagged him. Props to him, though.
- You had the feeling if they could get one after the Pens went to 3-0, they could get back in. The 3rd period was beauty to behold - and I have seen a lot of brutal domination of the Caps at Mellon Arena.
- Ovie's gunning for Malkin is a little unexplainable, but it's fun to watch.
- Jurcina is having a good season, and Erskine is underrated. Feds on D against skilled teams is the bomb. So much fun to watch him settle the ice.

Great show, boys. Loved it - I've seen way too many losses in Pittsburgh. This was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Random reactions to last night:

Malkin is clueless. I heard a post-game quote that said he didn't know why #8 was hitting him so often. Is there a women's league for him to play in?

Will the Crosby hype never end? He gets assists for being on the ice. He actually had a better assist on the Caps 3rd goal than on the Pens first. How can anyone argue that he is better than Semin?

Is there a face-shield for the hardhat? Brad's gets an A++++ for stepping up. He is quickly becoming my favorite player ala Kelly Miller long ago. (Ironic, huh?).

Officials are clearly not in mid-season form.

Boy, did we miss Brash last night..

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Brashear's presence was sorely missed last night. Props to Brads for stepping up, and he's a solid middleweight, but for pure intimidation he doesn't match the Donald. That Goddard slash on Ovechkin doesn't happen with Brash in the lineup, and if it does, Goddard gets to eat his own face.

Agreed also on Malkin only getting two for that boarding. That's five and a game. It seems the ice is still slightly slanted towards Pitt.

Plus I bet that doesn't happen with Brash in the lineup either... But kudos to Ovie for dogging him all night. And Greenie's hipcheck was a thing of beauty.

Chris Clark was positively invisible.
Flash is giving the indication that this may finally be his year.
Semin is a beast. That is all.

And I agree with ns, Brads is worth every penny. He may not be as good a fighter as Brash, but the guy has heart and isn't afraid to step up when he needs to. And he's as tenacious a forechecker as they come.

Anonymous said...


I really thought Semin and Crosby were going to go at one point. Would've loved to see Semin beat him down. Anyone get the feeling he'd be an absolute animal if he got ticked off enough to fight?

Anonymous said...

1) Our penalty kill scares me

2) The 5 on 3 goal I will excuse because the delay call on Erskine was garbage, as was the slashing call on Semin

3) Malkin should have been given five for the boarding call. It doesn't get more blatant than that

4) Ovechkin won every single battle against Malking tonight. Every. Single. One.

5) If the player Ovechkin is checking decides to drop to his knees to avoid the hit (Malkin), and if Ovechkins knees come near Malkin's head that is Malkin's fault for being a wuss.

6) People need to stop questioning Nylander's value

7) Flash looks like he's turning the corner, and was all over the ice tonight

8) Fehr played pretty strong for his first real action in almost 2 weeks

9) Jose played ok. Not great, Not Terrible, but he made some good saves later

10) Other teams are paying too much attention to Ovechkin, so everyone else has a little more room. That's how Gordon scored his goal. The Pen's d-man and Fleuery both had an eye on Ovechkin and just let Gordo walk in. Good for Gordo for taking the shot

11) I hope Bradley's face hurt that guy's knuckle

12) This is the kind of win that can sweep skeletons out of the closet. Caps fans are the ones used to having their hearts broken. We turned the tables tonight. This is the kind of game that can put the history in the past where it belongs.

13) Anyone who was dogging Kozlov should have noticed how much his presence was missed on that top line tonight.

14) Why in the hell are we doing a line change that results in a too many men on the ice call with only 6 seconds left in the period.

JP said...

Why didn't Erskine step to Godard? Oh, nevermind.

HotDog88GT said...

Rick Jeanneret is one of a kind and a pleasure to listen to - if you grew up watching the Sabres you'd never say such a thing. There is no one out there like him. His "May Day!" call cracks me up every time.

I was forced to watch FSN Pittsburgh on Center Ice - never heard them say Poti was hurt.

Anonymous said...

Also Eric Fehr had 2 assists in only 9:41 ice time. All of which was 5 on 5. Not bad for your first live game action in almost 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

@hotdog88gt- Rick Jeanneret is like that stinky fruit in Indonesia, he's a delicacy that you have to grow up with to appreciate. Then again, he's better than Al Koken. And can we all agree that Bruce knows more about hockey than all of us combined. He kept telling everyone that would listen that Flash can be a top six forward and that prediction is looking pretty good right now. Oh, and Fehr looked pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

"Y'know that silly in-game "entertainment" at the Verizon Center where two folks out of the stands compete to see who can do a better job calling the play-by-play 20 seconds or so of live action? I'm not sure Al Koken would have a .500 record if he participated on a nightly basis."

Did you hear Koken call Russia the Soviet Union? Way to be up on things Al. (You have to bet he knows the first names of all the Red Rockers -- well all but one)

Anonymous said...

Well, that's not precisely the way you'd draw it up, spotting them a 3-spot and all. But I'll take it!! I can't tell you how many times I've watched the Pens put on a dominating third period show, with a sick feeling in the guts, knowing that the end was inevitable.

Crosby is a pussy and Malkin is a dunce.

That is all.

Joe said...

I don't think Erskine would have minded trading blows with Godard but they were already down 1 D-man, maybe Bruce told him not to.

wittcap79 said...

@ SGuy

1) Agree, it's downright terrifying most of the time, maybe the Green/Semin/Ovie PK experiment is a bust?

2) Concur

3) And a game misconduct, it was pretty f'n obvious, we're lucky Sasha wasn't hurt.

5) Concur

6) Never did, he's been a top 6 guy his whole career I don't know why people think his talent level is gonna fall off a cliff because of one injury.

9) Lucky for us and him we only need Jose to be average most nights, as he was tonight. (As a sidenote, the boys are still on my 4gpg prediction so far)

10) Absolutely, but they have to, just can't let Ovie beat you, because he will just ask Briam Campbell. The difference is that now the Caps actually can beat you BECAUSE of all that attention. It's a wonderful situation to be in.

12) Eh, I'll hold off on that one. There are a TON of skeletons in the closet when it comes to the flightless birds, most in the playoffs, which means alot more than just the 4th game of the season.

13) Concur

14) I have no idea

*15) I was browsing the Pensblog, not trolling, just looking, and noticed a number of comments on how they didn't get beat by Ovie, but a bunch of 'role players' and not in the good way, it occurs to me they may want to research the opponent a little more next time. Let's take a look at some of these 'role players'

Chris Clark - former 30g scorer

Rabbit - would be the #1 threat on about 25 other NHL teams

Nyls - a legitimate top 2 centerman, possibly a #1 on a lot of teams

Lil Nicky - runner-up Calder Trophy candidate

Fedorov - Do we need to comment?

Mike Green - arguably the best offensive D-man in the NHL

Fehr - 1st rd draft pick that has scored at every level

Flash - finally coming into his own, def can see why people (other than us) would see him as a 'role player' relative unknown

Laich - 20 g scorer and Chuck Norris' long lost brother

Sorry, I just got spun up a little by that comment...carry on.

Anonymous said...

question - on the espn's NHL homepage, there is an image of crosby against ovechkin. ovechkin's jersey has a C? i thought he was an A...

tim :) said...

If you look at that fox power ranking BS, they are organized by winning % - caps were .500 at the time and therefore took a fall.

If that's how you organize your rankings, then you don't deserve to make them.

JP said...

@ Anon: You're right, but Ovi wore the "C" for a pre-season game in which Clark did not dress, and ESPN obviously doesn't care much about the images they choose giving a false impression.

Related: the caption reads "In their first meeting this season, Sid had two points, Ovie none." While true, I'd have thought that something like whose team won would be worth mentioning.

Unknown said...

1.) Is Fauxes-itis spreading? Geez.

@ Sombrero: Agreed.

And before we get too excited about Flash playing with marginal competence... he's still a liability in his own end and non-existent (at best) in the neutral zone. That stuff catches up with you over a full season.

Anonymous said...

For everyone hyperventilating about Backstrom, might I point out that while he only has 1 point and is a -1. He's doing better than the other two ROY finalists:
Kane- 2 points, -3
Toews- 1 point, -2

I think all three of these guys will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Crazy fun game but I'd prefer a little less G.I. distress as the season moves along. Whatever it takes, fewer penalties, better PK, more focus, something! Like others, I'm struck by the fact that several of the forwards stepping up were question marks coming into the season, either because they were injured, perceived as soft, whatever. Certainly I was among the critics but if this continues, I'm happy to be wrong.

Mercifully there was no sound on Comcast, at least in my part of DC, so I listened to the radio feed. It's an option since Joe will be out quite a bit. Or, they could boot Koken.

Finally, check out Therrien's post-game on the Pens site. He looks and sounds like he's sucking on a lemon. Suck away Pens.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I heard that Brash was out, I thought that the Pens would force Bradley to answer the bell, and when I thought a little more, I couldn't help but remember the beating Bradley endured at the hands of Milan Lucic last season.

Put yourself in his skates on a night when he knows that Brash won't be skating. It's almost a given that he'll be challenged. Yet he goes out there and plays a complete game every time and never turtles.

Bradley has earned every penny of his new contract and displays nothing but grit and bravery on every shift.

Unknown said...

Eric's right.

Unfortunately this is what the instigator rule has wrought. Instead of guys being held accountable for their offenses (here's looking at you PIT 71), designated dudes square-off WWF-style.

B8ovin said...

It appears at times, and I am only basing this on what the cameras and home game observations show, that Ovechkin reacts to infractions against Semin like a big brother. At about the mid point of the third, Crosby and Semin had an altercation (with Crosby's stick blade stuck under Semin's helmit), that Ovechkin and Semin seemed to be very upset about. Could Alex O. have said something to Sid about this at the end of the game?

Brashear has some names in his notebook for next game. I actually read a few Pens blogs reactions and a comment on one said Brash was lucky he wasn't in the lineup or Goddard would have floored him. There was also a lot of weeping about our announcers being the biggest homers in the league based on their take that the boarding against the Geico Caveman should be 5 mins. I have tried to understand Pens fans, but I can't get past their sense of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

@Tyler-not quite sure how Flash is a liability in his own end. Aside from the Atlanta game (in which virtually the entire team was a minus) he's only been on the ice for one even strength goal. In fact, I feel his defensive play has improved dramatically over last year. As I said earlier, Bruce knows this guy better than anyone. If he says he's got the skill to play at this level, I'm taking his opinion over everyone else.

Unknown said...


I buy what the Corsi rating is selling. And I buy what my eyes tell me too: That Flash is a big zero in the D-zone.

DMG said...

Couple observations about the conversation in general here:

1) I didn't think Malkin's hit on Semin warranted a clear 5 and a game. Semin turned into the hit a little and Malkin let up a little. A penalty for sure, maybe a major, but not a game misconduct in my view.

2) You don't know what bad announcing is until you've had to hear JP Dellacamera and Daren Eliot do a Thrashers game. If you have NHL Center Ice and you're bored one night, turn it on. It's painful.


I believe the Ovechkin/Crosby exchange started when Ovie tried to score in the empty net with no time left and Crosby tried to hit him from behind. No idea what was said but I'm pretty sure the last thing I saw Ovechkin saw was "We won, so shut the fuck up."

Anonymous said...

Watching Ovie vs. Malkin last night, I had to think "There's a girl involved in this somehow..."

Unknown said...

It's not nice to call Sidney a girl.

B8ovin said...

DMG 1) I disagree with you on the boarding; it met all the requirements for misconduct. 2)So true. I've heard those two before, and in fact listened to them during intermission last night. To be fair, there isn't a lot of GREAT announcing in hockey, and we certainly lead all sports in bizarre appearances for studio personalities. 3) That makes a lot more sense. But I still think OV is going out of his way to protect Sasha.

Anonymous said...

"The Penguins had lost only once in regulation when leading after the second period over the previous two seasons." []

Interesting. I like it. A lot.

Anonymous said...

50+ comments...geeze you people are hindering my work.

I don't care what any of you say, having to listen to the Pens announcers is the worst thing ever. I had no idea why Fedorov moved back to D until I realized Poti wasn't out there. There were numerous other things that I can't remember now but made me hate them more. I'm also pissed that it looks like Center Ice is providing some home and away feeds for games this year but they haven't done so for either of the Caps away games. I always have to question the league when it seems Caps and Pens gets relegated to the land of who cares.

Anonymous said...

"Watching Ovie vs. Malkin last night, I had to think 'There's a girl named Cindy involved in this somehow...'"


Anonymous said...

Fedorov has the highest aggregate Corsi Number of any NHL skater so far in the season and it's not even all that close.

He makes whoever he's paired with better--whether it's Schultz, Erskine or Jurcina--and if Poti is out then it should be an absolute no-brainer that he stays back on D.

Unknown said...

@ Scott:

I wondered the same thing. If I'm the NHL, I want Caps-Pens on Versus twice and on NBC twice. (Or, failing that, on HNIC at least once.)

Slacker said...

Wow, after reading the comments on the Pensblog, I have a new appreciation for the posters on this blog. Every other post was "Ovechkin is gay" "Ovechkin is a cheap shot artist and cherry picker" "Ovechkin is a knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, piece of cossack filth"


Anonymous said...

@Slacker-we are talking about Penguin fans. What were you expecting?

wittcap79 said...

@Slacker -
The lack of a mullet helps us form coherent thoughts.

Brian said...

From the Left Coast -

1) I like Flash this year. last year we bitched about The Rabbit and his lack of offense. This year, he's a stud. Maybe this is the year Flash shows the O-skills and next year he rounds his game out.

2) Ovi is trying to carry the team on his back. He doesn't need to, and he needs to just enjoy the game and get into a natural rhythm.

3) When we have a game where the entire team plays great defense in the first period, we don't take a lot of penalties, and the goalies still stink up the ice, I will start to get worried. If the Caps are going to let teams have PP chances galore, can't clear the puck, or redirect shots on their own goalie, it's hard to say what we have between the pipes.

4) Apparently, I have Comcast Sportsnet now, because I watched the game on Center Ice last night but missed the third period. About an hour later, CSNNW had the game on with the Caps announcers, and I got to revel in the win. I now have access to CBC, NHL Center Ice, Versus and CSN. I think I'm going to have to tape a picture of my wife next to the TV so I can remember what she looks like.

Brian said...

Damn, that was DEFENSE about Semin.

Anonymous said...

If anyone's interested, free customization on jerseys ordered today:

DMG said...

Wow, after reading the comments on the Pensblog, I have a new appreciation for the posters on this blog. Every other post was "Ovechkin is gay" "Ovechkin is a cheap shot artist and cherry picker" "Ovechkin is a knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, piece of cossack filth"


To be fair there are thousands of Penguins fans and it only takes a few idiots to make them all look stupid and of course those idiots tend to be the loudest. Couple that with the fact that the Penguins are the hot team to follow in Pittsburgh this year and you probably get a lot of 15 year old jocks who think that Penguins hockey is the most important thing in the world

Mark Bonatucci said...

I find Malkin's comments about he doesn't know why Ovie is always hitting him silly. After all he was basically the best Penguin on the ice and had the puck enough to get 9 shots on goal. Hey Geno, Ovie hits you because you ahve the puck and he wants to break up the play and take it from you! Probably the same reason Malkin hit's Semin but I wish he would have pulled up a little instead of driving his head into the boards. He should have gotten a five minute major.

Mark Bonatucci said...

Oh and I'm watching the replay on Comcast right now - so Poti left the game in the first period and it wasn't till just at 17:30 in the Third before Koken and Locker said anything about noticing Poti wasn't around in a while....LOL