Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wake Me When It's Hockey Season, Pt. VIII

After a two-plus year absence, our award-winning* series "Wake Me When It's Hockey Season" (in which we ridicule the lameness of other sports) returns with this item, via FanHouse, which reminds us of the very first WMWIHS installment:
[White Sox] Backup catcher Toby Hall said his right shoulder was fine after teammate Jermaine Dye blocked his attempt at placing a shaving cream pie in his face during a post-game interview following the Sox's 13-5 win over Seattle.

Hall had his right shoulder wrapped in ice but assured reporters he didn't not re-injure his shoulder, which he separated in spring training of 2007.
Only in baseball (and thankfully not in hockey).

* This may be an exaggeration, but as I cannot possibly be aware of every award handed out globally, it may be 100% accurate.

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