Friday, August 22, 2008

Kolzig: Lecavalier Over Ovechkin

OK, pretty provocative title, but it only refers to Olie Kolzig's answer when asked who would win a fight between the two superstars.

Check out the full Q&A, which includes plenty of Caps-related snippets, here.


bradley said...

Lucky for Ovie he'll have Morrisonn to stick up for him ; )

Anonymous said...

gee, you think he's bitter? A little? maybe? can't imagine.

Dan, Jr. said...

Ovechkin is a Lover, not a fighter. But he's a fighter too, so you better watch out.

B8ovin said...

Ok, I read the thing. Ok, it was a pretty good read. Ok, I had one problem. Ok, I kept reading Ollie's responses as starting with "Ok".

Ok, so I think Ollie is right to predict Ovie will get better at fighting. Sooner or later someone will challenge him with, "I want to make you my temple of punishment." and Ovie will explode.