Thursday, July 03, 2008

GMGM On Washington Post Live

George McPhee's media tour continued today with a stop by Comcast Sportsnet's Washington Post Live. It's definitely worth watching, though this clip is only a portion of the segment which featured McPhee, who went on to discuss Sergei Fedorov, Brooks Laich, Joe Finley and others:


Anonymous said...

Erm, George? I like you, and I think you did a good job this year. But when you are popped a question about the upside to short-term deals, you *cannot* talk about them being motivating. You have a guy on your roster with a 13 year deal. Remember him? Wears number 8? I know he's a special case, but this club simply has no room to talk there.

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna leave us with another Chicago clip tomorrow and say "Open thread, have at it?"
Just wondering so I can prepare myself.

Anonymous said...

So JP can you paraphrase/summaerize for us what he said about Sergei Fedorov, Brooks Laich, Joe Finley and others? Anything on Morrisonn?

JP said...

@ dcrock: You'll have to come back and see now won't you?

@ Stella: Here's a pretty thorough recap from the Caps message board, but basically he sounded optimistic on Fedorov and Laich (to be expected and very simliar to what he told Tarik earlier), and on Finley it sounded like he might try to persuade him to change his mind on going back to school. Surprisingly nothing really on Mo, and he didn't mention Mo as a "Top Four" defenseman, despite listing Green, Poti, Schultz and Alzner by season's end as such.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link. And nothing at all on Mo!

"We like our defense and what's coming. Poti, Schultz and Green are top 4. We think Alzner will be there before the season is over. When you have that kind of depth they all don't have to be elite players. We're going to keep putting our kids in there too so they can learn."

This doesn't look promising for Mo. Sarge mentioned as top 4 and not Mo? This is odd. "They all don't have to be elite." Hmmm. "Kids" to go in ahead of vets such as Mo? Georgie is back to his wily coyote ways.