Friday, June 06, 2008

Ovechkin Wins The Hart

At least that's what's shop is telling us...

H/t to Sombrero Guy on the link.

Update: And the link has gone dead. For more on the apparent gaffe, head over to FanHouse, Puck Daddy and Mirtle.

Of course, if you can't wait to get your hands on an AO/Hart t-shirt, there are other options.

Update2: now has an article up on the story, as does CanWest. Obviously they found it on their own. Definitely not via Puck Daddy, FanHouse or Mirtle. Clearly.


~Mark said...

That's likely not an informed (as in they have seen the voting) but rather a no-brainer to make now.
It's cool.

Anonymous said...

So if the unthinkable happens, do these shirts get sent to 3rd world countries along with those "New England Patriot 2008 super bowl champion" t shirts?

JP said...

Difference is, the NHL marketing folks literally know who has won the award. NFL merchandisers did not know that 'Cuse grad David Tyree would make the greatest catch ever and lead the Giants to victory.

Anonymous said...

agreed. I don't think this is a coincidence. I just think it got posted to the online shop a little earlier than they intended.

Anonymous said...

@sombrero guy

-1 for stealing that joke from Last Comic Standing last night.

Anonymous said...

@sombrero guy,

But +1 back at ya for your great ranking on Tarik's site of what sports you watch on TV in response to Tiger. Watching paint peeling > golfing in my book, too.

Anonymous said...


Haha i have never watched last comic standing so that is quite a coincidence. Then again, I freely admit to NOT being the first person to joke about the loser "championship" t shirts and hats.

Red Rover said...

Also worth noting: no contingency Iginla MVP or Malkin MVP shirts.

JP said...

... and the link is dead.

Those bastards had better send me the one I ordered, though.

Anonymous said... at least confirmed the gaffe... then the article was pulled from the site! No worries, here's a screenshot I got of the page :)

JP said...


Dear J.P.:

Thank you for shopping at, The Official Shop of the NHL. Your business is important to us.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to complete your order. We
sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

The following item(s) are unavailable and have been cancelled from your

Item R200A017AOV7ZNK
Description CAP A.Ovechkin Hart Trophy Tee WASHINGTON CAPITALS NAVY,
Quantity 1 @ $ 19.99

Your credit card will not be charged for this order. We recommend that you obtain a copy of this e-mail for your records.

For answers to questions about your order, visit the HELP area of our
website at

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your business.

Customer Care

Anonymous said...

the NHL shop sucks, take my word for it. but i'm sure you already knew that.

Sean Leahy said...

Globe and Mail must have picked up on Mirtle's linkage

Anonymous said...

Is this an old shirt? Does it say 2007-2008? Are we in 2008-2009?