Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wednesday Open Thread

There was a lot to Laich like in last night's 4-1 win over Minnesota, but how about Matt Bradley sticking up for David Steckel sticking up for Chris Bourque as the moment of the night? The Wild's Aaron Voros is just lucky the Caps didn't take it one more step up the ass-kicking chain of command to The Donald.

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NS said...

damn, the Fehr-Laich-Bourque combo was the best line of the night for either team.

Poti played a fuckin great game.

Bradley and Cooke on the same line will be interesting...which begs the question, who is being demoted????

what does everyone think the lines will be with the acquisitions??


Kind of want to see the Fehr-Laich-Flash line stay together though...maybe Cooke on the RW on the 2nd line??

going to get interesting. anyone find an interview with Olie?

NS said...

** i meant Fehr-Laich-Flash **

although Bourque played much better this time around

Paul Nichols said...

That Matt Bradley fight was amazing. I loved it.

Joe said...

So does Steckel have to get another new number?


1) No matter how they try to dress it, the 3 goalie situation is going to be awkward. Huet we agree will have to play the lions share of remaining games. Can Ollie be effective as the #2 guy? He looked like a #1 last night!
2) Johnson, barring injury, probably won't see much action and bide his time until next year when he'll again be backup to Huet. In the mean time, its going to be interesting how this goalie dynamic unfolds.
3) Else GMGM did a great job yesterday. Cooke for Pettinger is a great move. The Caps needed a guy like that. Feds should help solidify the team with 2 solid scoring lines. Too bad the Devils didn't help you guys out last night!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else thinking that bringing in Cooke (agitating winger) signals that Clarkie is not coming back this season?

Anonymous said...

Any chance we keep Olie and Huet next year and let them fight for the #1 spot. It would keep Olie on he A game? And then we would have two #1 goalies.

Anonymous said...

How I would like to see the lines work out.

Vech - Backstrom - Flash
Semin - Federov - Kozlov
Cooke - Laich - Fehr
Bradley/Gordon - Steckel - Brash

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts:

1. Keep the Fehr - Laich - Flash line together. Those guys were great last night. Maybe it's experience from Hershey, but they really clicked.

2. Steckel and Bradley really kept the fire going with those fights. Olie mentioned them by name in the postgame interview for firing everyone up and being great teammates. Hopefully the new guys will fit in seamlessly to the great team dynamic that we saw last night.

3. In addition to settling down Semin, Fedorov used to play a great point on the power play. I'm not sure if he can still blast it, but he could fill Green's role on the 2nd unit/complement him on the 1st unit.

Anonymous said...

Semin is getting a "new" Daddy - HURRAY. He needs one.

NS said...

maybe Fedorov can teach Semin to stop falling down.

SashaFallDownGoBoom hasn't made an appearance in a while...

Anonymous said...

I think that 'ass-kicking chain of command" should be the new nickname for the line of Brashear-Steckel-Bradley

Anonymous said...

Do not fear, I Fall Down Go Boom plenty time last night.

Paul said...

Cooke has to be given a chance at left wing on the third line, with Steckel and Bradley (or Clark if he ever returns). I love Laing's shot-blocking, but Cooke is also a very good defensive forward and he also brings offense and some sandpaper. He'll need regular minutes. Laing is probably the odd man out.

Flash/Laich/Fehr was great last night, but there's no way those guys can stay together. You can only have two scoring lines, and they will be centered by Backs and Fedorov unless Fedorov has nothing in the tank.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Laich, Fleischmann and Fehr stick together for a bit, but before long I see the lines shaking down as:


I think the top 6 are all but set and this arrangement would give the Capitals a good checking line that could chip in on offense and a good fourth line that would play with energy and have decent puck possession.

Billy D said...

Any Chance of keeping that 3rd Line of Fehr/Laich/Flash together? This is going to take some juggling. With Clark this is the best I could come up with, without Clark I am lost.


Any Chance Gordon or Cooke See's some time on the LW of the 1st or 2nd Line while Clark Sits?? Bye Q. Lang, you were fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I love the face on Bradley! That picture's finding its way on my profile!

Anonymous said...

"Anyone else thinking that bringing in Cooke (agitating winger) signals that Clarkie is not coming back this season?"

clearly clark is not coming back.... he has been day to day with a groin injury for 38 games.... i mean really now, in the history of sports has anyone missed half a season from a groin injury? something else is up, maybe after that shot he took from ovechkin to the side of the head has resulted in post traumatic stress disorder

NS said...

maybe vertigo?

Anonymous said...

Anybody here think Ottawa can/will pull a mets-like collapse this season? Seriously, that team has more issues than Britney Spears.