Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Worldwide Leader In Math

Psst... 39 is greater than 37.

H/t capsdude69


Brian said...

Oh, wait, there's more:

1) ESPN believes Alex only has 38 goals.

2) Click on the Capitals link and you get "Page Not Found".

3) Click on Alex's name, then click on the Caps link from his page. Apparently it's too hard to get up-to-date photos of the guys, especially potential Calder candidate Nick Backstrom.

4) They finally have Quintin Laing's name right - earlier in the season he was Derek Krestanovich, which was very confusing.

And one more rant - wasn't the Caps's "team of the season", where they were going to have regularly-posted stories about the team? I guess Scott Burnside found it more interesting to rag on about the derailed Predator's sale.

Unknown said...

Jokinen and Kovalchuk both hurt/out tonight. Wow, and potentially wow-er.

Whiter Mage said...

Heh. JP - back to an earlier thing - I don't understand how a goaltender going into the corner delays any game. They should at least make the penalty a phrase that makes sense.
Does it not make sense to anyone in the NHL that icing the puck takes a degree of talent, compared to launching the puck up over the boards? So - why not rework things? Let's have an icing be no big deal, and launching the puck over the boards result in no line change.
The only reason the icing rule exists was to get the team a free line change, since teams like Montreal - the goalie would get the puck and fire it up to Beliveau and boom - breakaway.
Ugh. Tradition pissed on.
In regards of ESPN, do you really trust ANY of their hockey coverage? I don't.

JP said...

Joker has the flu. Kovy, however, looks potentially more serious (and, to be honest, it didn't look like an intentional knee-on-knee hit but rather as if Ilya just didn't get his whole body out of the way in time).

Not a positive development for my fantasy team, either.

Unknown said...

They say Joker has the flu. Which means he blew out his knee.

JP said...

They say Joker has the flu. Which means he has been traded to Ottawa for Vermette, Lee and a pick.

JP said...

Oh, and does anyone else find it a bit ironic that had the League given Kovalchuk the suspension he deserved last week, he wouldn't have been around to get his knee blown up tonight? Karma's a bitch, I s'pose.

Unknown said...

It looked like a clean hit to me. I'm not sure it was even a penalty.

JP said...

Unlike this classic from Roots?

Hazardous said...

Honestly, that one looked clean too. Jagr just put his head down, so it looked worse.