Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two Games, Two Wins For Gabby

Photo courtesy AP
Winning sure does beat the hell out of losing, doesn't it?


Unknown said...

What's the Caps' record when Brash plays 8+ minutes?

Unknown said...

Glen who???? Sorry Hugs, you deserved a better fate.

On the other hand, Bruce took no time to figure out who should man the first PP line and it sure makes him look like a genius right now.


I think anytime they can roll 4 lines effectively, they stand a better chance of winning which I think is your point. Though Brash had two wide open shots in the first period that just about anyone else probably would have buried.

Unknown said...

Yup, my point precisely. And that line did a nice job of puck possession and getting o-zone faceoffs, and that's all you want your 4th line to do.

Mike Green had a nice game. Apparently Kozlov was a scratch though.

Mark Bonatucci said...


Kozlov had 16:50 of ice time on 19 shits and had 2 shots on goal and was +1 for the game.

I thought he looked pretty good tonight.

wintermute said...

Usually Frustrated, you made a great typo in your post. I'll leave it to you to decide whether to fix it, but it actually sums up some of Kozlov's game tonight. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes it does.

Unknown said...

And that goal Jurcina gave up at the end of the second should get him scratched on Monday. That was AWFUL.

JP said...

@ Tyler: The Caps are 3-3 this year when Brash gets 8+ minutes of ice.

And I thought Erskine looked worse than Juice on the Cole goal, but neither distinguished himself, for sure. On a related note, expect Gabby to use Eminger more than Hugs did.

Unknown said...

But Jurcina made the inexplicable pass that turned over the puck. He had all day to get that puck out, then shoots a 60-foot pass right to a Hurricane that immediately resulted in an odd-man rush.

Interesting Brash stat. I didn't see the Friday game, but he played like a guy lookin' for trouble under GH... and last night he played like a hockey player.