Monday, November 05, 2007

Japers' Rink Blogroll

What began as a casual project this summer - updating the blogroll - became something of an obsession. The result is the most comprehensively curated hockey blogroll around: nearly 1,600 hockey-related links.

Did we miss any sites? Any suggestions for links that should be added? Email us at japers.rink [@] or leave it in the comments and let us know.

Happy grazing.

Japers' Rink Blogroll - 1,577 Hockey Links And Counting


Hooks Orpik said...

Wow that is a very comprhensive and exhaustive list. Good work.

Though This humble blog hasn't been added yet.


1) Perhaps we were too quick to peruse the list, but we didn't see our faux site on the otherwise exhaustive list.(

Anonymous said...

Thanks hooks. Please keep 'em coming.

My bad, faux. Apologies for the oversight.

Unknown said...

Yow! That's some undertaking. And in three months when a quarter of those sites are dead an neglected, then what do you do?

I say you outsource it to the Chinese.