Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rbk EDGE Uniform System Comes To The AHL

Per the Hershey Bears website, "American Hockey League President and CEO David Andrews announced today that all 29 AHL teams will use Reebok’s new Rbk EDGE Uniform System™ beginning with the 2007-08 season."

We've seen the NHL turn out some awful new uniforms under this system. Heaven help us cope with what lower level teams might produce.

UPDATE (9/4, 8:13 pm): Thanks to sk84fun for the link to the gallery where all the new AHL jerseys will be displayed upon release. So far so good?


Anonymous said...

JP - Here's a link for the AHL page where they are posting the uniforms as they are released ...
Norfolk, Bridgeport, and Chicago so far.

Anonymous said...

oops here's the link


JP said...

Very awesome, thanks. I'll update the post with that link.

meep_42 said...

Sadly, the unis for the minors are probably going to be better than most of the NHL ones... at least they are thus far.

I'm looking forward to the ridiculous alternate jerseys that the clubs trot out, but that's always been fun.