Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Roundup

I don't have much to say about last night's game other than what's below, but Vogs certainly does. And speaking of having something to say, what would be your initial reaction if you picked up the phone and Donald Brashear was on the other end?

Feel free to talk about last night's game, line combos, or whatever you want to in the comments. And check out this great pic of young Nicklas from last night, courtesy AP:


Anonymous said...

First off I love the new unis they look sweet. The home sweaters are instant classic(yes I called them home, f*** betman, whites are for home)

Im not one of these message board fools, it was a preseason game. They didnt play their best, im not going to cry about it.

Flash looked good, Klepis looked terrible. Backstrom looked decent, he and Nylander controled the play in the offensive zone, but didnt create many chances.

Anonymous said...

"Backstrom looked decent, he and Nylander controled the play in the offensive zone, but didnt create many chances."

That's because the guy who actually converts passes into chances was still in DC. If that line stays together, Semin could score 50.

Anonymous said...

b.orr4, I agree. Should be interesting to see what Nyles/Backstrom can do with Semin.

Anonymous said...

I watched the game last night, and was extremely impressed with Backstrom, this kid should play with ovechkin TODAY!

I don't agree with some that think klepis had a good game. Nor do i think that fleischman stood out.

Pothier again, i was not impressed with him on the pp.

Ovechkin, I don't get it, sometimes i think they should force him to just practice how to shield the puck with his body!! I am getting annoyed watching him lose the puck 10/10 times on the boards.

Nylander, needs a shooter on his line, with semin that should help that line get much needed shots on net.

Poti really impressed me.

Stinker of the game though, was kolzig, i thought he was horrendous, giving up back breaking goals, that should have been stopped at crucial times during the game.

A close second for stinker of the game, would have to be schultz, i think he played himself to hershey after last night.

Our d looks really soft, i so hope erskine makes the club!!

Unknown said...

Steve Eminger: Not going to Tampa. What's up....

Anonymous said...

i thought i read something about him being slightly injured, that may be it, or hes about to get traded