Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Logos And Jerseys Part III

Thanks to Sean at Pop Jocks for forwarding this pic of the Isles' new threads:

Pretty awful, no? The orange arms make Rick DiPietro look like he's wearing a homemade tanktop after getting a bad spray tan (which, I suppose, is fitting for a team from Long Island).

Update: Check out the home jerseys here. Horrendous.

And here are black and white versions of what presumably will be the Senators' new primary and secondary logos, respectively (thanks, NHL Tournament of Logos, a very cool site for this kind of thing):

If they look familiar, the primary logo is a tweaked version of the Sens' current secondary logo and the secondary logo is an updated version of their current primary logo (nice shawl, Spartacus!).



Marky Narc said...

number on the front shoulder = bad idea.


1) Just a tad better than the silly Gorton's Fisherman they had in the mid 90's, but is still bad.
2) Yes, the number on the shoulder is a poor choice as is the silly 4 stripes on the sleeve depicting their 4 cups. Most of their fans (what few there are left) probably have a hard time recalling the last time they won a playoff round(1993) let alone the last cup(1983)!

Abhinav said...

The Sens old primary current secondary is better than the current primary old secondary.

I don't like the forward facing face.

Lots of repitition in this post.

Miss. Scarlett said...

I actually have to say I really dislike the tweaked profile logo (or the former secondary current primary? Or is that former primary current secondary now primary again? I'm confused)

Chris said...

The Senator's used to have the best logo and jersey in the NHL. The new versions aren't bad by any stretch but I don't know why they had to fix what wasn't broken.

JP said...

Holy crap, they're worse than I thought - check out Brendan Witt getting ready to catch a 9-inch wave.

(Thanks to Broken Glass for the pointer)

Kevin said...

With every new atrocious design I see, I'm liking the Caps new threads more and more.

Agreed on the now-old Sens primary logo being one of the best in the league.

Abhinav said...

Wow, that is ATTROCIOUS.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing when the wave gets in the zone, Witt will hook it and get sent to the box.