Monday, August 13, 2007

Defining The Hockey Blogosphere With Urban Dictionary

I'd like to think that I'm relatively hip (hey, I said relatively), and that I am at least somewhat in touch with the cultural phenomena that define emerging generations, be they X, Y or Z (if and when it comes along).

But it takes more than an annual 100% immersion in MTV's Spring Break coverage to keep current. You need an edge - a cheatsheet, if you will - and that cheatsheet is Urban Dictionary, an indispensible online resource in deciphering just what the hell the kids today are talking about. It's like Babel Fish for hipster/teenager/street-to-English translations (as a word of warning, it can also be fairly vulgar - just ask former Senator Rick Santorum). Speaking of Santorum, I guess this is a good point at which to note that if one of the links below is, um, a little much, I'll note it with "NFTEO" (Not For The Easily Offended) - proceed at your own risk.

Anyway, part of the fun of Urban Dictionary is learning that words or terms of which you thought you knew the meanings are actually being used entirely differently by today's youth. For example, I had no idea that a Japer was "a fat kid who goes to Starbucks and sips on his coffee while listening to emo." Good to know (and, for what it's worth, I'll stick with the traditional definition and a grande hazelnut latte).

That last definition got me wondering what else UD had to say about the hockey blogosphere. It turns out, quite a bit.

Do you like Kukla's Korner (KK)? OK, cool.

How about the Battle of Alberta (BoA)? You're not the only one, apparently.

Battle of California (BoC) sounds like fun to hang out with (so does Jes Golbez, for that matter), and maybe someone can be On Frozen Blog's (OFB) Battle of Ontario (BoO), but dear lord, let's hope they know what they're doing when it comes to Off Wing Opinion (OWO - NFTEO).

The Acid Queen will simply adore this definition, but maybe not as much as her HLOG buddy HG (of double (d)ion) likes hers.

I can guarantee that CasonBlog has nothing to do with ecstasy, that my partner in crime KB is kind (but not like that), and I can almost guarantee that Bubba from Canes Country is not this chap (very NFTEO).

Finally, a Caps-related note - make sure not to pull an Olie, lest you miss your opportunity to Ovechkin (definition #2) a buddy.

Oh, and no need to give me Poti - it was my pleasure.

Got some more? Leave 'em in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Classic. Bubba is a Golbez.


1) Wow, the post has been up for 2+ hours and no obligatory Faux comments. Guess we need to post here more often.
2) From the dictionary: faux:
Someone who uses the term llama sauce and yo face, constantly. They generally play old and abaonded video games becuase they get pwned at other games.
3) Wow, how did they know we still play Galaga?

Unknown said...

A large sack, comprised mainly of lard and blubber.
Is a total failure at modding forums, and often verbally abuses people when they do not share the same views as he does

OUCH!! *whimpers*

Bubba said...

all I've got to say is... I need a new nickname!