Friday, July 13, 2007

Ever Wonder What Became Of Jared Aulin?

Back during the Great Dismantling of '03 (or whatever you'd like to call it), the Caps sent one of their biggest asses assets to the Rangers in exchange for Anson Carter, who they later moved to Los Angeles for a prospect named Jared Aulin.

Aulin didn't do a whole heck of a lot in the AHL and never made it back to The Show. Now it appears he's done with hockey altogether.

It's an unfortunate (and somewhat bizarre) story of a pretty good prospect that never made it - and never will.

H/t to Izzy on the link


Garrett said...

That is the risk the Capitals ran dumping talent for basic unknowns. However, it does seem the Caps have learned their lesson: take prospects with a grain of salt, and some paprica. Yum tastey.

Marky Narc said...

That is very sad to hear. And such a shame to have a career end that way. I was always an Aulin fan.

JP said...

Speaking of Caps castoffs, both Alex Giroux and Lawrence Nycholat signed deals today (with Atlanta and Ottawa, respectively).

Who's next - Beech? Muir?

Sonia said...

it's a shame- he was a good source for drunken Hershey Bear photos on facebook.

Anonymous said...

I still have him on my team in NHL 06...

It's a sad story; you hate to see crap like this happen, especially in a beer league.

The Peerless said...

Some guys just deserve better. Aulin seemed like a decent kid who just had a lot of misfortune accumulate, and this is the last straw. One hopes the next part of his like treats him a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Isn't is strange/bizarre that all four prospects involved in Jagr trades never really panned out at all?

Beech would be the most established NHL'er, but it doesn't look like he'll make a mark.

Lupaschuk got a cup of coffee in Pittsburgh, but his brother was tragically killed and now he's dealing with things in Sweden.

Sivek's mother took ill, so he went back home, but it always seemed he was more interested in playing European hockey anyways.

And then Aulin.

Just interesting, and at the same time sad that so many solid prospects, that were related to trades for one of the game's greats have had such horrible luck.

Anonymous said...

Aulin never really recovered from his shoulder injury, a risk that the Capitals knew about but were willing to take because of his talent. From most reports, Aulin turned out to be a good guy to have mentoring other players. To have his hockey career end in this way stinks.