Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Madden Curse: Survived

While Alex Ovechkin's reign as Calder Trophy holder comes to an end on Thursday night, another all-too-short-lived era is coming to a close for him before too long: video game coverboy. Find out who's succeeding Alex over at the FanHouse.



1) Sorry off topic, but- We all better be careful what we say(write): http://sports.aol.com/fanhouse/2007/06/11/hockey-blogger-hit-with-2-million-libel-suit/
2) Its a Canadian law suit, but it does kinda have to make one worry about their freedom of speech. From talking with attorneys today its difficult to truly prove 'libel', but just getting dragged into court to defend oneself can be costly. Especially if its just a non for profit blogger

JP said...

1) Thanks for reading the FanHouse stuff.
2) I don't know about the Canadian legal system, but that suit wouldn't have an ice cube's chance in hell here.
3) It's a stupid suit to bring, as I'm willing to bet my last nickel that the suit will draw more attention to the allegedly defamatory remarks than the blog on which the remarks themselves appeared ever could have on their own. To top it off, proving damages in the amount claimed resulted from a relatively small-time blogger ain't ever gonna happen.
4) I welcome any and all such similar efforts to boost my exposure unintentionally.


1) You're welcome. The FanHouse is usually an excellent read and we recommend it to all our readers
2) We agree from what we have heard its unlikely that such a suit would go very far in the states, but just the idea that one would sue over such frivolous nonsense has to be disconcerting to many bloggers out there