Friday, June 29, 2007

$34,300,000 to $50,300,000

That's the range (inclusive) in between which every NHL team's salary cap will fall this coming season.

Where does that put the Caps, you ask? Based upon our trusty depth chart from the other day (below; we're only counting the players in blue plus Eric Fehr) and a couple of assumptions (namely that RFA's accept their qualifying offers and that Nicklas Backstrom's base salary of $850,000 is what counts against the cap, as opposed to the $2,200,000 he'll make if he hits all of his incentive benchmarks), the Caps have a 2007-08 payroll of around $27,796,305.60*.

Now, that number is likely low (Milan Jurcina, for example, will likely eventually sign for more than his $550,000 qualifying offer), but it gives you an idea of where the team stands right now, which is important because if they're going to end up somewhere around the middle of the salary cap range, they'll have to add around $14.5 million in salary to the current roster (and that doesn't even factor in the subtractions that will occur when guys like John Erskine and his $632,500 salary are removed from the equation).

So what should we expect? Ted Leonsis says that the Caps are "going to have to add three or four new players through trades and free agency.... [General Manager] George [McPhee] needs to improve the team now[.]"

Happy shopping, GMGM!

* The $3,515,000 are still paying good ol' what's-his-name for this season doesn't count against the salary cap, but may be a factor in the team's internal budgeting.


Anonymous said...

I thought we didn't have to pay what's his face anymore. Didn't that end last year?

JP said...

Sadly, no. This coming season will be the last on that raw deal.

Anonymous said...

I was surprsed to read your comment on Erskine. I see no reason the Caps will cut him loose (he's been given a QO, right?). I'm sure it will be hard to justify keeping him after they sign all those high end defensemen we all KNOW are going to be penned on July 1st. I thought he performed above expectations, but I support the Caps so what does that tell you.

On a side note, someone needs to do a caps version of the Mad TV skit for "Lowered Expectations dating service".

JP said...

Funny. What's up with the Finnish subtitles?

As for Foreskine, he's an adequate 7th defenseman, I guess, but I don't like him as a minutes-eater. In other words, if he's playing a lot, I think something's gone awry.

Unknown said...

I think we're nearing where we all guess the players the Caps sign.

Hannan, Kozlov, Guerin, Nagy.

Anonymous said...

the first two are good, they can stop there, maybe just the first

Caps Nut said...

Erskine-Bowles was given a QO so he'll be back next season.

JP said...

Right, but I meant he'd be off the books once the team acquires another D that pushes Big John from the press box to the AHL.