Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Roundup/Google Reader

In the past you've seen me use this space to extoll the virtues of Bloglines, a web-based reader. Not surprisingly, Google has joined the party to offer their version and, also not surprisingly, it kinda kicks ass. One of the cool things that you can do with Google's version is embed your "shared" feeds in a blog. I first saw this over at Mirtle's site (under the heading "What's Hot On The Blogs") and had to rip it off, so there it is in the sidebar - "What J.P.'s Reading." So if you come here and there's nothing new (or even if there is), check out what I'm reading. It'll usually be hockey, but I might throw some randoms in there every now and again. Hopefully it entertains.

As for the Caps (the reason you're here), good news on the injury front, as Chris Clark and Boyd Gordon are expected to return Friday night against Carolina.

Not much else going on in Capland. Did anyone go to last night's Season Ticket Holder meet n' greet? I was planning to, but had to bail late.

Oh, and is it bad that I actually caught myself thinking "Sweet - they each get a point" when the Kings and Jax headed to OT last night? Sigh.

Daily Awards
  • Hart: David Vyborny (Game-tying and OT-winning goals, A, +1, 3 SOG in 3-2 win)
  • Ross: David Vyborny (3 points)
  • Norris: Joe DiPenta (Game-winning goal, +1, 2 SOG in 2-1 win)
  • Vezina: Marc Denis (W, 29 saves on 30 shots against)
  • Richard: David Vyborny, Vincent Lecavalier (2G each)
  • Calder: Paul Stastny (2A, +2, 2 SOG)
  • Aiken: Teppo Numminen (-3, 0 points, 0 SOG in 3-2 loss)


Anonymous said...

I took my 5yo son to the love fest last night. If it wasn't for my son's constant fear of running into Slapshot all night, it would have been a lot of fun. We were going to blow off the AO signing, but right at the end we took a shot and got right up there he signed a couple things (picture of him and Crosby, my son'r #8 jersey, and the ticket stub when my son won AO's jersey last year).

Abhinav said...

Won AO's jersey? That's huge.

Anonymous said...

Seems kinda late in the season to have a meet and greet of the team huh?
Not the best timing to have such an event when the team is playing as poorly as they have all year
If anyone out there went, wondering how Leonsis/GMGM were recieved?

Anonymous said...

The crowd seemed smaller than in years past, the weather didn't help things. We didn't stay for the rah, rah stuff though. Got our signatures and boogied home. I heard Ted had other business (funeral and things) going on this week and couldn't attend, I think it's in his blog.

Rage: The AO jersey was wild. We got it framed. If you've got/seen the AO DVD, in the April highlights has my wife and son getting the jersey.

Anonymous said...

Stimpy - your kid was fantastic when getting the AO jersey. That was a great end to a good night. Good for you.

The crowd was more mellow last night. Semin came across like it was the last thing he wanted to be doing. Ovechkin was all business. Clark is smaller than I thought, and uglier, too. GMGM was there, and nobody was heckling him. It's really not the night, and I'd think most season ticket holders understand that. And it's always a kick meeting Craig Laughlin. He's as much of a clown as on TV.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree on Semin. I waited in line for him and Jurcina and while #23 was very nice, Semin was either smirking or looking like he would rather get a lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

We were in the first few with Semin/Jurcina, and you're right, Semin just wanted to get out and Jurcina was happy to be around the people. I can only imagine want Semin was like by 7:45. AO on the other hand was joking with us at almost 8:00. Definitely different personalities.

Anonymous said...

We hit Semin/Milan about 7:15 -- after waiting more than a half hour and must agree with other's assessments. #23 seems genuinely happy to be here.

Got to whip through the AO line in about 10 minutes subsequent to that. Just as much fun giving Zubrus a hard time (he was assisting AO) about not getting traded with his bro. He indicated the Caps tried to move him but couldn't get an offer worth a bag of pucks.

Talked with GMGM for about 5 minutes... standing by himself at mid-arena. I'm always impressed with his candor and friendliness. Still can't believ he played pro hockey and racked up all those PIMS at his height. Can't be more than 5'9".

This has got to happen much earlier in the season... only fun during player intro was Brashear doing a fashion runway walk with max posing. Not much energy from players or the crowd.