Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Think The Vezina Race Is Going To Be Close?

Take a look at the two leading contenders for the Vezina Trophy as the League's best goaltender (stats through last night's games):

Martin Brodeur: 69 games played; 42 wins, 20 regulation losses, 7 OT/SO losses; 1,956 shots against, 1804 saves (.922 %)

Roberto Luongo: 68 games played; 42 wins, 20 regulation losses, 5 OT/SO losses; 1,956 shots against, 1802 saves (.921 %)

That's right - the same exact number of shots faced, wins and regulation losses for the two. Brodeur has the edge in goals against average (2.20 to 2.30) and shutouts (12 to 3), but this race is going to come right down to the wire.

As for the likely third finalist, this guy gets my vote:
[h/t to Dobber on the pointer]


CapsChick said...

Kind of off topic, but those commercials are hilarious. "I hate maple leaves! They are the worst leaves in the world!"

The Nike commercials with Naslund and Kovalchuk are still my favorites, though. Canada has us beat on the hockey-themed ads. (Shocking, I know!)


1) In addition to the Vezina, the winner will also be a finalist for the Hart trophy.
2) Would either of those teams be where they are with out their respective goalie? It would probably be safe to say the Devils and 'Cucks wouldn't even be in the playoff hunt with an 'average' goalie

Anonymous said...

Although the Canucks have played more defensively this season, they still aren't close to the Devils' boring brand of "hockey".

Gotta go with Roberto....