Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Focus, People!

Ever sit there reading poll results or consumer studies and thinking to yourself, "Hey, they didn't ask me for my opinion"? No? Well in case you want in on an NHL focus group, here's your chance. I got this email earlier today from my good friend KB and figured I'd pass it along:
Hello Washington Capitals Fan -

The NHL Fan Face Off Team needs your help! We need your help in recruiting other Washington Capital fans to be part of the panel. Currently, the Washington Capitals have one of the smaller representations on the panel. Please email [this] link to your fellow Washington Capital fans and have them join the panel.
So have at it, fellow Washington Capital fans - make your voice heard and whatnot.

UPDATE: If that link doesn't work for you, go here and "click to join."


Abhinav said...

JP, might want to check if you can generalize that link. It comes pre filled with a MD address and a zip code which might be yours. Just a heads up.

Abhinav said...

I also got this message at the end:
Your responses for this study have already been received, thank you.

So yeah, generalize that link to just or something.

JP said...

I think I fixed it, but if not, just go to and "click to join."

Thanks, Rage.

CD said...

Now that i've joined, when do i start getting free stuff?