Sunday, March 18, 2007

Datsyuk To Stay In Detroit?

According to the Detroit News:
Center Pavel Datsyuk laughed off an Internet rumor he was planning on signing with Washington this summer to team with Alexander Ovechkin.

Datsyuk can become an unrestricted free agent this summer, and his agent Gary Greenstin and the Wings have made mild progress on a new deal.
Spector reports that Datsyuk is seeking a laughably-high $6.85 million per year deal, and I'd be shocked if the Wings - or any other team - paid him that much.

As far as the Caps are concerned, my money is still on them making an aggressive push for either Chris Drury or Scott Gomez. Then again, it isn't my money we're talking about, is it?


Abhinav said...

Using a translator, it basically says Backstrom is leaning 60/40 to coming to DC. He wants to make a decision "ASAP" to not drag it on for either team.

CapsChick said...

I'd love to see Drury here - I'll add my money to your money and maybe we can buy him an ice cream cone when he gets here.

Anonymous said...

Until Datsyuk signs, I wouldn't say anything is set in stone.

If I'm Detroit, I wait until after the playoffs. That is his knock. If he has a monster playoffs, you up the offer a bit. If Not, you might have to think of what you could do otherwise. At least with the Red Wings, attracting another marquee guy is not impossible.

Either way, I think Datsyuk's demands are a tad too steep.

The Peerless said...

What is "mild progress on a new deal?" . . .

The Wings throw in an octopus for every goal scored?

Free Piston tickets?

Extra chili on the dogs at Lafayette Coney Island?


Anonymous said...

How about Forsberg - He speaks Swedish and can feed AO a boatload of set ups. Even if he only plays 50 games he could be worth it.

Anonymous said...

No Forsberg. Great player--when he's healthy. Last few seasons, he's been a waste of payroll due to his having to heal. Find a reliable guy not prone to injuries.

With better players available this summer, why sign Datsyuk? So what if he played for Detroit. To hell with Detroit. They'll screw up in the first round this year as well.