Saturday, March 03, 2007

Сднем рождения, Саша

Happy 23rd Birthday to Alexander Semin. To celebrate, I thought I'd post some video highlights. The first highlights are of his hat trick against Carolina early in the season:The second are his best passes since December:

We kid because we love. Hopefully Sasha can celebrate his birthday in style tonight against the Isles.


Abhinav said...

Haha, nice work JP.

In all honesty, is there a better passer on the team than Semin? And that's not just because we, uh, have no good passers. He's actually good at it...when he chooses to pass, that is.

Abhinav said...

And how the hell did Jansen not get penalized for that hit? He left his feet, it was well away from the puck, and landed a shoulder to Kaberle's head.

Completely ridiculous.

JP said...

[Ed. note: I'm gonna break down this comment Faux style]

1. We think Ovechkin is the better passer.
2. Do we really know how good a passer Semin is - he never passes LOLZ !!1!1!
3. We didn't see the Janssen hit, but it sounds pretty bad. Would Janssen have been such a tough guy if the Leafs had Wade Belak in the lineup?

JP said...

Here's the hit on Kaberle. Awful.

Abhinav said...

Update, Janssen suspended for 3 games.