Thursday, December 28, 2006

Jesus H. Christ

This has to be the worst excuse for hockey journalism I've seen this year, as New York Sun writer Kevin Greenstein has a suggestion on how to improve your Washington Capitals:
It's a simple move that could pay huge dividends. The Caps should investigate acquiring Flyers forward Geoff Sanderson to reunite him with former Hartford Whalers linemate Andrew Cassels.
Sweet idea. While they're at it, perhaps the Caps can try to reacquire Mike Gartner to see if he can get Bobby Carpenter going.

(Hat tip to Off Wing for the link)


The Peerless said...

Perhaps Miroslav Zalesak can round out that line...

faux rumors said...

1) If this guy was serious he should be fired for gross incompetence!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Greenstein is an international renown journalist. You should check out his own magazine Inside Hockey since you have doubts about his work.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with Greenstein.

For one thing, Beantown has caught Bruins fever, and the only cure is more Chistov. Yes, folks, the name on the lips of every kid from Medford to Mashpee is "STANISLAV." Getting him more ice time would change the fortunes of this Bruins team, no doubt about it. (Zdeno who?)

But not to be overlooked is Greenstein's insight on how the Rangers might add age and salary in the form of Keith Tkachuk. It's a brilliant and breathtaking strategy.

I'll bet Glen Sather had a Usual Suspects moment while reading this column in his den, and as his cup of coffee crashed to the floor, he thought, "Oh my God...the answer's been Keith Tkachuk all along."

And Greenstein's suggestions for the Isles ("...a few smart additions..") and the Leafs (" better...") demonstrate a depth of hockey knowledge shared only by the finest of Stan Fischler protégés.

Hey, maybe for some team-by-team analysis at the All-Star break, Greenstein could include the 411 on how some teams might benefit from scoring more or by giving up fewer goals.

This is excellent work!

DCSportsChick said...

Maybe Mr. Greenstein got a little mixed up amidst all of his other duties. After all, he's a little busy:

"Kevin Greenstein is a professional musician and a grizzled Internet veteran. He recognized that many artists needed help sending out regular email communications to their fans so he launched Band Letter with Ariel Hyatt in 2005 – the service has enjoyed a very successful first year of operation. In addition to his work with Band Letter, Kevin is also the Publisher of Inside Hockey and the regular hockey columnist for the New York Sun. Prior to launching Band Letter and Inside Hockey, Mr. Greenstein worked in marketing and business development for Citibank, Yahoo/GeoCities, Net4Music, Luminant Worldwide and Today Media."

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to "Andrew Cassels Doesn't Live Here Anymore: A Lost Season in Washington" by internationally renowned journalist and musician Kevin Greenstein.

(Editor's note: "Kevin publishes several hockey magazines and newsletters, most of which are read by his Mom and his high school English teacher. They both think he's a terrific young man with a very bright future.")

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be too hard on this guy, but I just remembered that Greenstine was one of the first to give Eklund a softball interview.

Though he's since erased that interview from Inside Hockey, you can still find it thanks to the Way Back Machine.