Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rangers' Second Goal

I thought the Rangers second goal (on the awful Bryan Muir giveaway) was very close to being offside. And it was - very close, but not offside. Take a look:

Oh, and I am working on confirming that this will be Richard Zednik's official media guide photo.

Finally, did I hear correctly - did Craig Laughlin actually reference "the impressive release of Semin" on the young Russian's first tally of the year?

Rink Note: I'm leaving in a few hours to head to Toronto for the weekend and will likely not be posting again until Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hate to do it... but quoth myself: "Zednik’s a waste of a salary."

Anonymous said...

Friggen muir, i was at the game and I saw it coming. Muir coughs it up and the rags score. We dont need muir. Green didnt dissapoint, throw Erskin in there.

JP said...

"Waste of salary" is just about the best thing you could say about him right now.

Garrett said...

Are you telling me Zednik played last night? Incredible.

Tyler said...

How on earth was Muir a +0 last night? Was he REALLY on ice for both goals?!?!

And why have Klepis here to scratch him?!!?

Anonymous said...

1) I guess for the caps, its the ole' The more things change....'
2) We didn't see the usual effort that we saw in almost all their games last year.
3) We agree with posters here that Zednik was a ghost out there.
4) In a continuation of the preseason the goaltending was inconsistent. Great at times, and ordinary in others. Zednik was a no show. AO was blanketed. Semin and Green showed promise. More of the same.
5) We hope to see a better effort tomorrow, else it could even be uglier