Friday, October 20, 2006

The "Other" Alex has an article up about Alex Semin's quick start (and spreads the love to linemate Kris Beech).
"His hands are like silk, they're unbelievable," linemate Kris Beech said of Semin. "He's really something to see. He's got some sweet hands."
It would be really juvenile to post an awkward picture directly after that quote, so I won't.

Sorry. It's Friday.

Speaking of Semin, however, make sure to check out On Frozen Blog's excellent post on him.


Anonymous said...

i'm very disappointed you didn't make better use of "sweet, silky hands" and Semin here.

Anonymous said...

I figured I would come back and eat my crow. I made several comments last year on here that GMGM should just stop chasing Semin (insert joke here). He seems to be playing well and actually looks semi interested in being here. I hope it continues, because he is playing well.


JP said...

Joe, big of you to step up, but as a Rink reader you're clearly a man of discerning tastes and high character.

chanuck said...

Can't stop laughing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. That'll give me a chuckle throughout the day. ;-)