Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can I Get An Amen?

Caps owner Ted Leonsis is asking fans to have faith and patience. Specifically, he posts a spiritied defense of the team's decisions not to sign stop-gap over-the-hill free agents to plug holes that may or may not be there:
Making wholesale free agent signings and expecting good team chemistry and success is naive and fiscally irresponsible. And under a cap system, this can cause long term damage to the development of your team.
I couldn't agree more, and can suggest a couple of teams up I-95 for fans whose loyalty is based upon free-spending ownership.

Oh, and whoever suggested that the Caps sign Alexander Mogilny and/or Petr Nedved should be punched in the mouth.

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Anonymous said...

I AGREE! but i was hoping for Yanic Perreault? I mean, the leagues top faceoff man for how many years? I think the Caps have a glaring need...

JP said...

Kris Beech is 4th in the League in faceoffs and both Suts and Zubie are at or above 50%. The need might not be as glaring as you think, and to take ice time away from kids who could develop so you could win a couple of extra faceoffs a night doesn't make much sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Agreed about those tired, old players.

Kind of bummed watching the Pens handle NJ right now - how is it that year after year the Pens always seem to have those really skilled guys? Frustrating to see their 3 new kids tear it up, while ours are doing well - just does not seem to have that same impact.

And yea, I know about how the Caps will out work them and all that - but we usually end up losing in overtime or by 1 goal. How many first rounders do we have and how many do they have?

JP said...

Yeah, watching those Pens light it up was tough. But there are a few things worth considering (in numbered-list form, for Fauxrumors):

1) The Caps best playmaker - the Caps' Crosby - is off dominating the Swedish Elite League as we speak. When he gets here, he will make AO, Semin and Eric Fehr that much more dangerous.

2) The Pens, thanks to the NHL rigging the 2005 draft lottery for them, have had the #1 or #2 pick in each of the last four years (and had the #5 the year before that string). Tough to go wrong with picks like those.

3) Martin Brodeur and New Jersey aren't the Martin Brodeur and New Jersey we've all grown accustomed to. This is a team that has not adapted to the salary cap era and is paying the price now. Johnny Oduya had 16 minutes of ice time tonight for cryin' out loud.

4) The Pens won't be able to sign all of these guys when their rookie deals are up, whereas the Caps, since they're not overloaded with bluechip talent but rather with depth (see: Buffalo Sabres), will be able to keep their core in tact. This point may be a stretch.

That's all I've got.

Anonymous said...

One last thing -

Through 12 man-games this season, Crosby and Malkin have combined for 7 goals, 11 assists and a +8.

Through 14 man-games this season, Ovechkin and Semin have combined for 12 goals, 6 assists and a +3 (and that's with AO off to his "slow start.")

Have faith. And patience. Really, what other choice have you got?

Anonymous said...

And why do I have two Blogger profiles (one as "jp" and one as "j.p.")? B/c Blogger Beta doesn't accept a regular Blogger log-in. Brilliant!