Friday, May 19, 2006

Western Conference Finals Prediction - No Reading Required!

For our lazy and/or marginally literate readers, I present to you a pictorial representation of my prediction for the Western Conference Finals:

Edmonton in five.

For my Eastern Conference Finals prediction, go here (seven games, btw).

[And if this horrible picture so moves you, head over to Save a Duck and learn how to help.]


Anonymous said...

Ducks give up the first goal in game 1, wake up and win their home games. They have three scoring lines, a lights out stopper line, and the best defenseman in the game. No matter how long Smyth's mullet is, he can't score a hat trick every game. And Rollie is about to turn into a pumpkin. Alberta can go back to worshipping Harper (aka Diet Bush) and flashing their boobs at beer trucks instead of vans painted in Oil colors.

JP said...

The Rink will not stand for the ridicule of boob-flashing.

Anonymous said...

i can't get that link to deadspin to work, JP. Is it down?