Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Roundup/Gamenight: Caps @ Rangers

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The Roundup is back, albeit abbreviated, as I am nowhere near healthy.

The Caps took the train up to Manhattan yesterday for tonight's matchup with the struggling Rangers at the site of Gerry McNamara's latest awe-inspiring accomplishments. Aside from the collective "let's see how we measure up against a playoff-bound team" and "let's play spoiler" motivations heading into the game, there is added individual incentive tonight for Alexander Ovechkin (as if he's ever needed it) both to outshine fellow Calder candidate Henrik Lundqvist and to catch Jaromir Jagr, who he trails by one goal in the race for the Richard Trophy as the League's highest goal scorer. Perhaps, as was the case a week ago against that other rookie, a dominant performance by AO tonight can put a little breathing room between him and his Calder competition.

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Anonymous said...

About that Mirtle piece:

Do you have the link for the original Globe & Mail article it references?

JP said...

It's in the Mirtle article.