Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Rink Turns Six Months Old

Six months ago today, Japers Rink debuted with (fittingly) a post that was, in retrospect, at least partially wrong.

With half a year down, it's time for some feedback from you, the loyal reader(s). What's working? What isn't? What should I add? This is the only time that I'll encourage anonymous comment posting, so be brutal if you need to be. My goal is to put out a product that you all enjoy, so help me help you.

Cheers, and happy half birthday to us!


Anonymous said...

I love the awards of the day and that's what kept me here when I first was surfing around...with so much on the internet you tend to just keep surfing, but those daily awards made me bookmark you.

Just my personal favorite.


Anonymous said...

The mark of any successful blog is continual and insightful posting. With the exception of your ever going vacation days, you hit both those benchmarks w/ your updates. Personally, i'd like to see more off-color jokes, but i have no doubt that's just me.