Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Roundup: The Wrong Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The WaPo ought to be ashamed of itself. In the online version of its article announcing that Petr Sykora actually will show up to camp (which I'll believe when I see the guy on the ice at MCI Center, but that's another story) - an article that notes that the Caps wing "shares the same name with Anaheim's star player" - there's a picture of a guy in a Ducks uniform. Which Petr Sykora do you think that is? I'm not sure whether it's more infuriating or just plain sad. Can someone confirm whether or not it's this way in the print edition as well? [Update: The Post got wise and yanked the picture.] Oh well, as long as the Post continues to nail Tom DeLay to the wall, I guess I can forgive this. Speaking of right wing wackos, the WTimes took a well-deserved day off in their Caps coverage (maybe they sent Dave Fay door-to-door to collect donations for the Majority Leaders Defense Fund). But enough politics - back to pucks.

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