Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today Should Be The Day

The day after the Major League Baseball All-Star game is perrenially the worst sports day of the year. No baseball. Football training camps still a couple of weeks away. Is there MLS soccer or WNBA hoops? Probably. And some French bike race. Point being that today is the day the NHL should announce the end of its lockout and, for one day in July, be the lead story in sports. If the League is going to get any "bounce" from an announcement ending the lockout, you'd think it would be maximized today.

But it won't happen. Because, like at every other time in the game's recent history, hockey is going to miss a golden opportunity. TSN reports that the deal is not done yet, as the sides enter their 10th straight day of marathon sessions. One wonders why it took until mid-July to begin these marathon sessions (what were they doing, say, last August?), and I'm sure both sides are trying to wrap things up as quickly as possible (after all, only high-paid lawyers stand to benefit from this thing dragging out... wait a second...), but it sure would be nice to turn on SportsCenter tonight and have good news from the hockey world as the top story. Instead, we'll wait a few days and maybe hockey fans will get word in between Tigers/Royals highlights and logrolling clips from the Great Outdoors Games.

[UPDATE: Or will today be the day? Both TSN and ESPN are reporting that the deal could be announced today. We shall see.]

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