Friday, November 07, 2008

Stat Of The Day

From the good folks at Elias Sports Bureau, via the NHL:

"The Capitals trailed the Hurricanes, 2-1, but Alexander Semin scored twice in the final three minutes of the third period to pull out a 3-2 victory for Washington last night. Semin was the first player in Capitals history with a score-tying goal and a game-winning goal in the final three minutes of the third period in one game. Before Semin, the last player on any NHL team to pull off that feat was the Bruins’ Anson Carter on March 12, 1999 against the Rangers in New York."


tim :) said...

He's the first player in NHL history to score with 3 minutes remaining to tie the game, to score the GWG with 11 seconds left, AND BE RUSSIAN AND RECEIVE THE PUCK FROM OVECHKIN AND SHOOT AGAIN CAM WARD AND PLAY IN DC AND DO IT ON A THURSDAY NIGHT.

sorry. this was a joke. :)

pepper said...

Definitely puts into perspective what an incredible feat that was last night.

Girard said...

@tim :)

Being a player to receive a pass from Ovechkin for a GWG should be a stat in it's own right.

I jumped out of my seat and started screaming when I was at the game last night when he passed on that 2on1 earlier in the game.

Hazardous said...

I could've sworn Ovechkin's done similar things before.