Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lacroix, Pokulok Reassigned To Hershey

Forward Maxime Lacroix and defenseman Sasha Pokulok have been reassigned by the Caps from ECHL South Carolina to AHL Hershey. The move is a precursor, no doubt, to a forthcoming call-up or two from Hershey to D.C. as the Caps try to deal with an onslaught of injuries while staying under the salary cap.


doug said...

Yep. It's a math game. The busiest guy for the Club is probably the lawyer they hired to be their "capologist" among other assorted duties. I'm sure he has a vast spreadsheet showing varied 'courses of action' if you put this guy on LTIR, trade this guy, waive this guy and so on. Wonder how many combinations he has reviewed?

Tyler said...

Once again, proof that real Caps fans (and Katie) have to come to the Rink to find out what's really going on in Capsland. (Which is like Blueland, but with white and red too.)

DMG said...

(Which is like Blueland, but with white and red too.)

Also, the hockey team isn't awful.

Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

Also let's not forget about having to think through the potential impacts of calling various folks up to the Caps who might have to clear waivers to return to Hershey when the injured guys come back.

Joe said...

Personally, I'm hoping Lepisto, Laing, and Aucoin get called up.

sk84fun_dc said...

The waiver rules - see chart 13.4 of the CBA

based on my notes, some examples:
- Alzner is waiver-exempt this season
- Lepisto is waiver-exempt for now; it would be very late this season, if at all, that he would no longer be waiver exempt this season given he has only played 7 NHL games to date
- Bourque is waiver-exempt this season
- Sloan had to clear waivers to start the season; therefore, when he was recalled, the 10 NHL games played or 30 days on the roster rule applied and the counter started; he has played in 13 games so it is assumed he will have to clear waivers if the org. decided to send him back to the AHL; sidenote, if a player is called up on emergency recall and returned when that emergency is over, sometimes the 10 games played or 30 days on the NHL roster is hard to track since they don't make it clear that a player is up on emergency recall

about the recalls, Hershey plays 4 games in 5 nights; sounds like Collins will be back, but the Bears are still missing players to injury and likely other to recall; given their performances in SC, the recalls were earned by Pokulok and Lacroix

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