Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Miscellany

One month from tonight, the Caps will be in Atlanta to open the season against the Thrashers... but for today, you get a link dump.

The National Post wrote the same article that EMac wrote three weeks ago, and in it they referred to Donald Brashear as "a reigning heavyweight champion." Edward Fraser of The Hockey News isn't as easily impressed, as he didn't list The Donald among his ten fighters worth talking about, but Steinz has no problem posting a picture of Lindsay Czarniak talking about the Caps' enforcer (and, of course, neither do I).... Caps prospect Dmitri Kugryshev is adjusting quickly - and very well - to the North American game.... You knew Viktor Kozlov was a stud in the shootout, but did you know that Jose Theodore has the highest career shootout save percentage "among goaltenders likely to be on NHL rosters at the start of the season?" I bet you a nickel no team this season beats him on three consecutive attempts using the exact same move.... Finally, our buddy Pepper at the red skate emailed me yesterday noting a couple of points from my "Thinking Inside The Box" post. In it, I quoted Ted Leonsis as stating that "Our defense is going to be really good in a couple of years with [Mike Green], Eminger, Morrisonn and Schultz," asking, "Can you believe Boston gave us Morrisonn and [the pick that became] Schultz for Gonchar?" and noting that "I really like Laich. He's going to be another Konowalchuk-type guy." That was more than two-and-a-half years ago. Pretty prescient, no?


wittcap79 said...

"I bet you a nickel no team this season beats him on three consecutive attempts using the exact same move...."

Red Wings, Olie, aaaahhhhhhhhh!

tg said...

Did you note that the guy who rated the Caps fantasy hockey prospects said Lepisto had a higher potential than Green? I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

JP said...

@ TG: I did see that. I'm actually doing a radio spot with Dobber (the author) next week and I'll set him straight on Sami.

That said, Dobber is the man when it comes to fantasy pucks.

Sombrero Guy said...

Sami still could surprise us. He looked a bit over matched last season when he got called up, but had a great AHL season and had a very solid World tourney. I'm not sold on him yet, but then again I was not sold on Green heading into last season either.

Hooks Orpik said...

Sorry JP, when I think about Jose Theodore and the shootout, I think that this water bottle still hasn't come down to earth.

But I guess that Jose has the top save percentage goes to show that though the flashy failures may be more memorable, there's some substance there.

JP said...

I'm certainly not calling Lepisto a bust or even assuming he won't be a good NHLer... but I also am fairly confident that Green has a significantly higher ceiling. Green's high-end potential is Scott Niedermayer, imo. What's Lepisto's? Brian Rafalski maybe? Obviously I'd be thrilled with that, but Rafalski's no Niedermayer.

Who do you guys see as comparables?

JP said...

And nice call, Hooks. Sick goal.

But if Jose can limit the shootout goals he allows to Top-2 NHLers, we'll be ok.

Sombrero Guy said...

JP- Oh I didn't mean to imply that you insinuated Sami was a bust. And I agree Green's ceiling is higher than sami, I just have seen a lot of Caps fans give up on Sami already after the brief call up last season.

Interesting to note that Green has already scored more goals in a Season than Niedermayer ever did (his highest total was 15).

tg said...

I could live with Niedermeyer and Rafalski.

And it's always amazed me how little time people give players (in any sport) to develop. Look at how many people are already writing off Flash, Fehr, Schultz, Borque, and Jurcina. (Although I'm close on Jurcina.) And how many people were disappointed with Lepisto in his brief time with the team. It's very few people that can step in right away and contribute at a high level. Most players take at least a few years to put it together. Yet we, as fans, seem to always ignore that fact. I hope that Lepisto turns into a great player. And I'm also willing to wait another couple years before I make a full assessment of what he can do.

(But would Lepisto be worth a late round pick in a keeper league? Probably.)

Brian said...

Taking the discussion of defensemen down a different path - I bet no one noticed that Rick Berry (from the Island of Misfit Ex-Cap defensemen) signed with EV Duisburg Die F├╝chse.

Do I hear crickets chirping? Bueller? Bueller?

JP said...

Nice find, Brian. For some reason, I always kinda liked Berry.

And I was going to note that Rico Fata signed with a Swiss team this week. Lots of Caps' trash skating in Europe (including, of course, #68).