Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sorry, Peter And Olie: No Jersey Retirement For You

On the heels of this morning's announcement that no one will ever again wear the number eleven for the Caps comes the implicit news that anyone should feel free to wear number twelve or thirty-seven (paging Keith Aucoin).

As related by Craig Custance, Ted Leonsis discussed the topic of further jersey retirements:
He said the criteria was strict: You'd better be a Hall of Famer or lead the Caps to a Stanley Cup.
So nevermind that Peter Bondra and Olaf Kolzig have at least thirty individual team records between them (including most seasons, points, goals, goalie games played, wins, shutouts and saves), the team apparently feels alright letting a group of hockey writers decide whether these Caps greats are deserving of having their respective numbers retired by the team.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that neither Bondra nor Kolzig is headed to the Hall (and that neither will lead the Caps to a Cup). I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that one, if not both, of them will receive the same recognition that Mike Gartner will get when his number is sent to the rafters on December 28. How the team backpedals from this newly announced standard is another thing.

Update: Much ado about nothing, as the team is "open-minded about what other numbers will be retired." See what happens when the lawyer in me gets unleashed?


VT Caps Fan said...

Wow. I'm shocked they've basically eliminated both Bondra and Olie from getting there #'s retired. That's pretty weak in my opinion.

They should have said something like, they'll take it on an individual basis, but Cup or HOF is a surefire way.

Hypothetically speaking.... Olie is not eligible to get his jersey retired, BUT lets say Theodore takes us to the cup... We'd have a better chance to see Theodore up in the rafters then Olie?

IMO that is not good.

They should wait a REALLY long time before they have another jersey up there, but don't say something so broad of Cup or HOF or bust.

Bad move by the Front office IMO.

bradley said...

That's an odd thing for Ted to say considering he's already all but guaranteed #12 is getting retired (going so far to say they were in the process of getting it done). Either he's taken a big 180 on the situation or he's making things up as he goes along.

Anonymous said...

WOW I gotta say that's some bull shit. I'm not a fan of overly retiring numbers, but Bondra and Olie deserve to have their numbers up there more then any of the others (except Langway). This is not to say they shouldn't be honored numbers, it's just kind of ridiculous that come December 28th we'll have twice as many jersey's retired as the Maple Leafs. Even someone as stingy as me thinks Bondra's number should be retired I gotta think some hirer ups do too, but i guess not.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

So i guess we should put up larry murphy and scott stevens also?

Cap74 said...

Kolzig and Bondra were terrific Capitals, on and off the ice. Their portraits and accomplishments should be featured by the team in the arena and elsewhere. Jersey retirement, in my opinion, should be reserved for the truly great (or tragic) players in a team's history. I like the Leafs' approach, retiring only Bill Barilko and Ace Bailey's numbers.

I love Dale Hunter, he's my favorite Capital of all time. But his number should not be retired. Labre, as the cornerstone of the franchise's birth, and the HOF careers of Langway and Gartner should be so honored. I think the team can unofficially 'retire' numbers by not issuing them to players. Hanging a number in the rafters should be reserved for a very elite few.