Sunday, September 28, 2008

Snip Snip

The Caps have returned John Carlson to his junior team and sent Mathieu Perreault to Hershey.


tg said...

OK, so I know it's late, but after having been to a game, I've got another rule change I want to see. (And when I proposed it earlier, I didn't know that they had gotten rid of the TV timeout following an icing call!)

If a penalty shot is called, there should also be a two minute minor. I know that everyone's going to say that the penalty shot is already the "extra" punishment, but in both cases, the team being punished can only give up one goal at most. If you're going to really severely punish the team, give them a penalty shot and a power play.

And when do you think it's going to be safe to get a Borque jersey?

tim :) said...

@tg: "And when do you think it's going to be safe to get a Borque jersey?"

Probably sometime after you can get a Bourque jersey.

Anonymous said...

This time last year the talk was all Eric Fehr. Now it's Borque. As far as depth goes, we won't know the team's true depth for at least ten games.

Doug said...

I wouldn't buy a Bourque jersey just yet; you may be safe with an Alzner jersey. Somehow, I think the Caps have a trade/deal or two up their sleeves between now and this time next week.

Carlson was a great surprise; Bourque played much better than we've seen him in the past and Dovgan is a real sleeper.

dcrock said...

Carlson got a taste of The Good Life. That's good.