Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brashear Vs. Lablond

In the lead up to last night's game between the Caps and Devils (make sure to check out TRS's coverage, btw), I noticed some chatter about one of Jerseys' seventh round pick in 2004, Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond. The fantastic Devs blog Fire & Ice referred to the guy with the longest name in hockey as "one of the biggest surprises of training camp," and head coach Brent Sutter raved about the "tough kid."

Well, last night the tough kid locked horns with a tough man:

Actually, here was the result:

PL3, as he's known, earned big points for taking on Brash (Jamie Langenbrunner noted that "Anybody who goes with Brashear has my respect"), and the kid continues to make the Devils take notice.

And while he may have lost a decision to one of the League's reigning heavyweight champs, the moment was not lost on him:
"The guy is from Quebec-City, he's a French-Canadian and I've been watching him growing up and now I'm here fighting him," Leblond said after tonight's 3-2 preseason loss to the Capitals at Prudential Center. "It's kind of special." ...

"All game long he was asking me if I was tough in French," Leblond said. "He said, 'good fight.'"
Donald Brashear: a living legend doling out wisdom one left jab at a time.

H/t to Peerless and HockeyFights on the pic and vid.


Tyler said...

In Quebecois, "good fight" means "you're bleeding and I'm not."


1) Now THAT'S hockey! LOL Nice scrap.

Sombrero Guy said...

haha nice fight. Wish we had an HD feed for that game.

this space for rent said...

Gotta give him credit for balls, if not sense. That's okay, the credit for balls is what I bet he's looking for.

Anonymous said...

kid did pretty darn well against Brashear, he was able to hold his own, which is something I can't say about most of the other enforcers in the league! great job!

Hooks Orpik said...

"Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond"

Wait wasn't that Sasha Baron Cohen's character name in Talladega Nights?

AJD said...

The Hockey News is reporting that the Blackhawks are trying to pry Nylander away from the Caps, now that they have created some cap space by waiving Nik Khabibulin.

No word on what the 'Hawks might be offering in return. Author speculates that the Caps would do it for salary cap relief of their own.

Here's the link.


JP said...

+1 to Hooks

Carl said...

"In Quebecois, "good fight" means "you're bleeding and I'm not."
Excellent! Heh heh!!

Any more info on Theodore's performance? Two goals allowed on seven shots is NOT cutting it for me at all. (Unless it was all Erskine's fault, which I can totally buy.) Did Johnny get hurt? Is that what happened? Is that why Joe-Zay came in? Anyone with more info on this situation?

I Rock the Red said...


ROFL! "You're bleeding and I'm not." That's great! :)