Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oooh... Scary!

I'm sure this will earn me a (probably well-deserved) round of "who cares?" but St. Pete Times' Bolts blogger Damian Cristodero has the scoop on Olie Kolzig's new mask (though Cristodero still has yet to prove he knows how to spell "Olie"):
Kolzig said his mask will stick to the basic theme that carried him through his years with the Capitals. He will have "Zilla" written across the lower extension and Godzilla, the fictional, prehistoric, fire-breathing dragon will be on top, snorting flames. Other than that, a couple of swaying palm trees and some lightning bolts.

Kolzig said the first time he had the animal drawn on a mask, "It ended up looking like Barney. Now we've got it right."
I've always dug Kolzig's masks and look forward to seeing his new one. I'm especially curious to see whether he goes with Godzilla or MechaGodzilla, or even, and perhaps most fittingly, Mecha-Streisand. Guess we'll know soon enough.


Stokley said...

"Godzilla, the fictional, prehistoric, fire-breathing dragon"

Ohhh, THAT Godzilla!

Jimmy Jazz said...

Man, that uniform is going take some getting used to. The mask, on the other hand, just blows.

Gustafsson said...

A real man would have been secure enough to leave Barney.

Jokes people, just jokes.

Dan, Jr. said...

I'm betting on a more 'Gator style Godzilla look. The mask will be easier to look at than Olie in those Lightning pajamas.

TheTick said...

Forget Godzilla, he should go with Gamera.