Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Ovechkin Insanity

Holy crap.

If you thought the other day's Oveckin Insanity was something, head over to Tuvanhillbilly for five more short videos from the 2006 "Takeshi's Castle"-esque Russian game show "Bolshie Gonki" ("The Great Race"), including this clip for the furries out there:
H/t, of course, to Tuvanhillbilly


Rage said...

What the hell is happening in Russia?

NS said...

should have hip checked the bunny

Dan, Jr. said...

Women might enjoy the Gong or Speed Dressing parts of that game show. The Lover's Bridge part shows Ovie trying so hard to win, his partner gets dragged behind him like a rag doll. And I thought American game shows were strange.